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Name: mssara
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Coming from a somewhat religious family in the sense of Christianity, I never felt the sense of spirituality that others seemed to while attending services or during any other part of my life. At a young age, I noticed the world in a very different way than many around me and felt drawn to a more natural spirituality. Feeling different and odd about my belief system, I kept it to my self for fear of being rejected by my family and peers. Things began to happen around me, I could see things that others never paid much attention to. Around my pre-teen years, my dreams became more steadily filled with premonitions and visions. I can admit that it honestly scared me at this young age. I began to see entire days during my dreams, and it didn't matter if I tried to change anything...the outcome was always the same. The one memory that haunts me of premonition happened when I was still attending elementary school. To keep it very short, I had what most would call a "bad feeling" about leaving my grandmother's house one evening to pick up my older sister and tried every excuse to keep my mother and I there just a little longer. Well, we didn't make it to our destination, instead we were in a car accident in which my mother was seriously injured. These types of things happen still happen to me, I know when my sister is expecting before she does. We were both born on the same day, but 5 years apart. Other than the preminitions, I have never been able to grasp the concept of most religions, especially that of Christianity. My family to this day tells me that I am going to hell because I dismiss their god. Even with there scorn, I still cannot deny my personal faith to myself. It is evident in the seasons, in the tides, in nature...well everywhere. For years I had no specific name to call my belief system, until I began to look into it further around age 16. It amazed me that there were other people in this world that had the same spirituality, faith, and beliefs that I did. From this point in my life, nothing has been the same.


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