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Name: cathalog
Birthday: Jun 25 1996
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 17 Feb 2013

Membership: Member

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Hi there... My name is spursh, I love making new frenz I don't care how ever they are but I can b your freind:)

I love listeng song... I like being religios... I lov my god I knw evrythngs imposible without his command I trust him...

eenie meenie miny moe, caught you cheating with that hoe. you tried to lie right to my face, think again, you've been replaced.

I honestly don't notice half of d pipo hu thnk shit abt mih

guys, treating a girl well is simple. treat her how you would like your dad to treat your mom.

I won't take a bullet for anyone, cause if I had time to jump in front of the bullet, you would have time to move.

I wish i woke up as a baby, & whole life had been a dream?

Appreciate everything, regret nothing.

i hate when i send 2 questions in a message, & the person decides to reply the unimportant part of it.

Dear boys who are smart, hot, sensitive, caring & madly in love with me, please start existing. Sincerely, forever alone.

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't, but all you have to do is turn around and say. Watch me.

i fell for you, & you caught me. but I guess after a while you got tired because you let me go.

Boys, don't make her fall if you're not willing to catch her. But girls, don't fall if you're not willing to get hurt.

if you're going to get in trouble for hitting someone, might as well hit them hard.

When people insult me & go, "I'm just kidding, it was a joke." Well, do I look like I'm laughing?:/

Pretending you don?t have feelings of anger, sadness, or loneliness can literally destroy you mentally. #mindblowing

The worst feeling in the world isn't being lonely. It's being forgotten by someone you would never forget.

The past is over. Time to start a new page.

Sometimes, karma doesn't work that's why revenge is essential.

Its imposible to to fnd some1 hu never hurts yuh, so go for the 1 whose worth the pain

U wil learn tht the best experiances r somtyms made by mistake

Cashier:have a nice day

Me: don't tel me wht to do :/ :D

I am mistaken 4 a flirt wen I am freindly 4 sad wen I am alone and for shy wen I am quiet quit asuming and get. To knw me :p

Let your dreams b bigger dan ur fear and actions louder dan words:)

There r no shrtcuts to hapines

If they hav lied to u b4 dey wil lie to u again don't b a fool

Actions alwys prove y words mean nothn

Relationships r lik onion whch has many layers of trust and care if u try to cut it u will fynd nothing but tears in ur eyes

A hoe is lik a 1st slice of bread in a loaf evrybody touches it but no1 wants it

Kill ur haters with wrapness

Date tht. Guy who will take u to his home to meet his parnts not his bedroom

I'm proud of my heart its being played stabbed cheated burned and broken but somehow it still works

It feels amazing when u finaly realiz that u no longer need that person who walked away fro yuh

Being sngle doesn not necesarily mean u r available,, smotimes u need to put do not disturb sign into ur heart

Admit it u r waiting for somthng that won't happen

I don't want you to get mad,, buh I meed to tel you somthng I don't know how to say it so let the 1st 4 words tel you:p

I wish I cud press forward to know if he's realy woth the wait

Being there for someone because u know how it feels like to b alone

Saying we can still b freind after abreak up is like saying the dog dies bt v can still keep it


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