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Name: VintageRed
Birthday: May 6 1998
Location: A. Secret.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 04 May 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is a Secret.

By the way just because it says im online im not always on i just didnt or forgot to sign out..

I am a brunette but my hair tends to shine auburn when the sun hits it or so im told. I have dark brown eyes.

My attidude can change and is diffrent depending on mood. That doesnt mean i have mood swings by the way..

I want to learn all types of magic if possible!I am currently learn elemental magic and maybe black magic.. But if possible i would like to learn healing magic. Healing magic is the main magic i wanted to learn so if anyone has useful knowledge about that. Please dont be shy to send me a message.

I am freindly and not rude so dont worry i wont bite. Dont be afraid to have a chat like i said i wont bite..

Well my favorite color is.. well i dont really have one.

I enjoy playing outside usually from dusk to dark.. Its cause the air is fresh and cool and i like nature plus i like looking up and seeing a bunch of star scattered around the sky.

Hobbies are reading books. i love sweets like candies, chocolate, cakes you know all the goodies.. I love playing ouside like i said. I enjoy taking naps i dont know why i guess im a sleepy person. i forget things easily i dont know why either. I also like writing stories its a way of passing time and i quite enjoy it really.

I love listening to music for example.. Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Falling in Reverse, Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, Panic at the Disco you know all that..

Well im also kinds searching for real spells that work, and a teacher maybe.. Or maybe some new freinds would be fun too.


A lullaby i made up...

While i stare at the night sky

The stars shining just so bright

The moon reflection on the riverside

All the stars by its side

Companion of the starry night

Shining brighter than the candlelight

Yet i feel not alone

As the crickets sing their tones

While the wind sends a cool blow

That sends shivers down my throat

As i sing a lullaby to soothe your pain

As you sleep so soundly, tired from your day


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