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Name: Engholm_Dany
Birthday: Apr 4 1995
Location: Denmark
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 06 Nov 2012

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Okay, just to make sure people don't think I'm teaching magick, I DON'T!

I'm teaching Wiccan Beleifs.

That means, I'm teaching in worthshipping the God(s) and Goddess(es) (the number of Gods and Goddesses may depend of type of Wicca, greek, egyptian ect.)

The picture, is me, and my three best friends from school. I'm on the upper part, with the black hair.

My friends are anonymous

I'm studying myself, as a Solitary Practitioner. I do magic, but not as a witch (even though that's what I am.)

BTW! Untill now, 5 persons have asked me 'how to lift a curse' or 'can I help them lift a curse off them?'

And the answer is no. Not that I can't, but I need ALL information on the curse, who'd cast it, where from, and why. What the curse brings upon you ect.

And sorry, since noone can say that 100 % accurate, I'm not going to do an 'un-curse' (as some of the persons s? beautyfully described it).

So darlings, I'm teaching the living as a Wiccan, not as a Witch.

But feel free to ask me. I'm gladly teaching what I can.

And everything I know, can be readed at Scott Cunningham's books.


Things 'bout myself:

Wiccan name: Nephthys Storyteller

Real name: Helene Engholm

Age: 17 and a half (pt. july 2012)

Living: yeah! (seriously, I'm living home at my parents, for now)

Relationshipsstatus: I've got a boyfriend, who also is my best friend.

What do I do for living?: I'm a student, studying biotechnology. 2. year.

Diseases?: I've got Diabetes Melitus (type 1 diabetes), ADHD and

extreme lack of vitamins and minerals in my body.

Spirit Animal/Guide: A snake, called Eset (Goddess Isis' other name)(No I didn't name her myself. She told me her name first time I saw her)

My choise of Wiccan Belief: Egyptian. That means that if I pray, I pray for specific things, to the specific Goddess or God from the ancient Egypt.

Black or what magic?: I'm doing both, If I need to. But it's not something I do regulary. I'm not judging on the kind of magic you preform/practice.

Country: I'm from Denmark, speaks danish, english, swedish, norwegian and a little german.

I'm gonna post pictures sooner or later, but please be patient :)

Just feel free to write to me, if you want to ask me ANYTHING! :D


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