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Name: shemale7
Birthday: Jun
Location: south east asia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 02 May 2013

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I have gone lots of jurney,these are some of my experiences


=studying UFOlogy,Magic,Bible Conspiracies,Government Conspiracies, Mystereous creatures, & even fashion magazines!

=Nature exploration especially virgin forest,waterfall,beaches where i could met my Nordic God Enki & Goddess Aphrodite

=i love my liquor addiction (due to the fact am brought up in a born again christian school & am in a "christian infested" country that resulted from always running away or cutting classes from school & drunk myself to relive heartaches the school pastors/priest they have inflicted on me,all becos they discovered that am into wicca & recognize the existence of a beautiful goddess & a handsome god aside from being gay. born again christians are much more anti gay than catholics).But i love drinking liquor while chatting & playing computer games though, it uplifts my mind,strengthens my memory & reasoning power.

=i enjoy meditating that am in a paradise infront of a statue of the God in various forms,it would be great if am with them, i more trust the nordic races rather than the human race which have enslaved & abused me

=my favorite daytime is when its raining & the sun is up.when this happens i go to my moms garden & enjoy in the rain while imagining golden light from the sun blessing me.its a plus if am in a forest with running spring,i have experienced it already when am in the forest raining & sun still up that i felt in my heart the horned god is calling which led me to a place,& the temperature of the rain got warmer

=am not experienced in magick so i dont know anything to share if ya want some,but recently, it rained ,& raining can be a symbol of the God(rain) coming down to copulate with the goddess(the earth where the rain descends),so i masturbated,then after that i placed my rose quartz crytal infront,meditated of PEACE over me,peace & love between peoples, peace around the world & distributing throughout the galaxy.As i opened my eyes,color pink energy or something like a foggy pink surrounded my place (like the rose quartz's color),& it was awesome! Try it!

=last night during my sleep,the angel/demon Celo appeared in my dream. He has medium built body, shoulder length curly hair, and very handsome.He first demonstrated his skill by summoning a reptilian & killing it. He offered sex w/ me but i declined cos i need to know well him first & his other skill. Its a pleasure to met you Celo

=i kept receiving questions becos of my name & even asking why my profile says male when pic is girl.well,technically i was born male. am a gay so i like to look like a girl so thats what i look like in my pic when my friend stole a shot of me when am playing flower in a garden.i didnt still undergo sex change surgery & i dont want too becos my male genitalia represents a god(Yin) aspect while looking like a girl represents a goddess(Yang) aspect.i chose name "shemale" becos its what others call me


=If you hate gays,your an anti LGBT community,& says am gross, then pls dont attempt to educate me ,i have heard enough,i have suffered enough,i have endured milions of undeserving pain from your discriminations, am a peaceful loving person & didnt do anything to you so pls leave me alone

=i dislike "mind control","New World Order","The Vatican",and anything that prevents a human from its freedom to advance spiritualy. I have been forced to church since very young & even as an altarboy,the born again christian school in my junior years forced every student to recite thousands of scriptures(failing to the memorizationa gets a failing grade).When i become an adult & i matured enough to be like a transgender,i was scared already to go to church but the "scary threat" they have implanted on my mind remained (like practicing magic goes to hell,god hates gays & should be put to death,thou shall not make vengeance & defend thyself its the lords,don't have sex, etc etc etc) so even though i would like to study magic or see new age books in the bookstore,am afraid to do it maybe "god a.k.a jesus will punish me".when i tried to,i felt very very guilty of myself & ask thousands of forgiveness to these god maybe a punishment will be inflicted on me.this is the mind control the christians has placed on me.its nearly 2 decades only i realized that even following "jesus' words" didnt really change my life at all & its still full of badluck,sadness,& emotional disturbance,so i then went becoming an atheist.even when still atheist & didnt yet begin study magic then something in my life is changing already,life become a little better, no more huge chains of bad luck,i felt relieve & protected , but something is till lacking.its just last 2009 i began studying about energies,chakras,magick,extraterestrials, and different blogsites about anti-christians too,but i didnt yet practiced enough to do magic so i can tell am still a beginner.i tried to practice during my early teens but ended shortly cos am in a bible infested country.if only no one have stopped from seeking the god/dess path before,then maybe i should been an advance right now,time money, & lot of energies of mine are wasted becos of the bible

="Darkness against chid abuse".We protest the bishops & priest child molesters that use their self-created 'Canon Law' as scapegoat to save themselves from this very evil act if got scandalized & the Pope siding/granting exuses to this criminal minions.


Hail EA, Hail Astarte, Vovim Usat-Lucifera, i prais you Anubis/Anpu , i dedicate my beauty & talents to all of. Blessed be & Namaste !!


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