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Name: swaroop93357
Birthday: Apr 6 1986
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 27 Oct 2012

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LINDACASH420 .... Moderator...

Please tell me what part of my profile is bad and obscene... I will remove it and kindly ungag me..

To my lovely friends, I have been gaged, dont know the reason and kindly wait until i m ungagged.. Missing u a lot... Love you all... This is life and things of this kind happen for people to show their supremacy.... Kindly excuse me for the inconvenience


I am interested in learning magic to get seperated couples back to each other and my main goal is to keep relationships by removing negative energy from that and any teacher who wants to share his/her knowledge is welcomed and I will be your best ever student.....

I only know magic but never saw it... Really never saw it.... There are a lot of people who have the skills but the proof of magic is not still conceived in my mind... Anyone who wants to prove magick please show me.. I am interested and keen..

For I know the pain and will learn in this perspective magick to help the world.... Please let me know and meesage me if you want to guide me.... I would be indebted...

Finally Guys.... my intentions are good and are holy and noble... Please dont underestimate the noble cause I am striving for.... Well if you want to know why its noble... Just ping me and I am there to reply...

*******Anyone from Romania******Please write me message******I have a lot to do with you guys*******

Most importantly, I dont believe in 3fold law... Never come to me with that....

Finally I would like to thank all the friends of mine whom I met on SOM... your are awesome.... SOM is a great place to find real friends who are always to help.... If anyone requires heart healing I can give but only if you are in Austria..

*****************I LOVE SOM*******************

My friends be very carefull.... There are some people in SOM who say a lot of bullshit about themselves.. Be careful.. It toook me 2months to really know who is skilled and who acts as skilled.... For all the loved ones I met on SOM who are really helping me, I really really thank you for your wonderful support.. I love you guys and gals.. I love you so much....

The big day for real happiness is close and I am eagerly waiting for the day to come.... My real friends know what I am talking about...

My favourite film is "The Five-year Engagement" ... because it is exactly my story... Lesson for life is when you get engaged, get fucking married soon before someone steals away from you.... I made this fucking mistake and will never make it again

My favourite english accent is the British English, of course after I started watching the Harry Potter films... :))))

My best friends are "JEBB, Stryker, Tarotgirl8, Death1998, ashth" but I am indebted to "Winterborn" and "sandralthom", because you guys have relieved me from my pain....

Stan93 and CaitlinMM are my new buddies.. We share a lot in common....

famine is a new friend of mine....

If you need HELP, I can guide you the right way by sharing knoledge or by contacts who may help you.. I made good friends who are real and I also know the fake ones too... I share every knowledge I have and will guide you in the right way I can as I have the best friends in SOM.... I love all my SOM friends who are helpng me so much... LOVE u GUYS

"flyzen" is a promised healer


Like science conferences, I would take pleasure to conduct a spiritual conference on Relationships soon with all the great abd best people I met on SOM.... I hope this dream would come true

I am not patriotic but I am proud human being and I love human beings over plants and animals... Sorry if anyone gets hurt with this


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