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Name: Tigrancheef
Birthday: Aug 18 1997
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Apr 2016

Membership: Member

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I am a full moon child, cool right, I think so too. Yeah love learning about magic all my friends and parents are like it's not true it's false and I'm like yeah alright. Not like I believe them.

I'm 18, from Devon but live in soggy Scotland. Blue eyes long dark blond hair. I'm not the kind of girl who goes around wearing ten tonnes of makeup on her face. My profile pic, that was the first time i had worn makeup in about 5 months. I have to be forced into a skirt or a dress, i despise the things, wayyyyyyy to girly for me. I prefer to hang around with boys rather than girls but im not in the popular clique at school so only really have one guy friend.

I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard but as i live in the middle of no where and have a school with about 500 people its hard to find anyone that skateboards because no one does and i dont know anyone from the nearest town.

Lip piercings (spider bites), two cartilage, bottom ears, industrial bar, rook piercing, two snug piercings and my left nipple in the iron cross done and i really really want like a billion tattoos.

I believe in everything like vamps, werewolves, Valkyrie, e.c.t everything! I also believe that anything is possible, I honestly don't understand why more people dont think this way to be honest but oh we'll I do.

I love my horror stories and horror movies, blood and stuff it really makes my eyes light. Can never seem to get enough of them.

I love my dog, her name is Pepsi, she's a Scottish terrier and the cutest thing you could ever imagine.

I can not stress enough how important music is to me, its my life, if music weren't around I wouldn't be around, simple as that. Fave bands: Sleeping With Sirens, Woe Is Me, Black Veil Brides, A Day To Remember, Reaper In Sicily, The Summer set, Hands Like Houses. Those are my favourite band but i like all the other hardcore, rock, punk bands and music too.

Love my friends and family Nd of course my will to learn the ways of magic.

Date of birth:18.08.1997

Sign/symbol: Leo, The Lion

Planet: Sun

Stone: Peridot

Element: Fire

Fave colour: Neon yellow

Fave animal: (got three) White Tiger, Pig and Werewolf

I have a very acute (if thats the word) sense of humor, it takes some time to adjust.

I am also one of those people you love or you hate, i cant help it, i am who i am and i wont change.

One more thing, BATMAN IS WAY BETTER THAN IRON-MAN, had to put it out there.

So yeah.........don't really know hat else to now so just mail me, i'm always looking for a nice chat with someone, i am not a racist so i don't care who you are so if you are nice to me ill be nice to you, simple as really.

Ciao xx


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