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Name: Devilishbrit
Birthday: Apr 12 1995
Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Jul 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is Brittany (but you can call me "Britt")

I just graduated from High school with honors, which I am really pleased about. I'm heading off to college after summer vacation to study FILM (specifically: directing, producing and on-screen acting)- I'm really looking forward to it.

Some of my Interests are:

- Animals (I own 5 pets)

- Films

- Singing

- Acting

- Video Games

- History (Contemporary World)

- Mythical Creatures (Dragons, Mermaids, Gryphons, etc.)

- Charity Work (animal fostering)

- Magic (lately)

Future Goals:

- Start a charity organization for cat rescue

- Star in films with Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams,

Wanda Sykes and many more of my favorite actors.

- Visit Museum of national History

- Visit England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia

- Buy a boat

- Create a companion dragon

- Write a novel


- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies in soccer (11 years in a row)

- Best penmanship (Elementary school)

- Made the All-Star volleyball team (Grade 6)

- Graduated Elementary School

- Received 100% in Ethics (High School)

- Made "Honor Role" every year in High School

- Graduated High School with HONORS

- Won a Military Bursary from Edmonton

I'm a pretty laid back person. However, I do love going outside, whether it's to do exercise, hike mountains, run trails or to just go hang out with friends. I'm a suck for animals and for the past 5 years I have been rescuing injured kittens and cats and then placing them in loving homes. During those 5 years I learned that cats are often undervalued and are therefore more often brought in for injuries than any other domestic animal. After I learned that I began planning and constructing a kitten and cat rescue organization, which I hope will take off in the near future.

Other than being a nature and wildlife lover there isn't much more about me, but I'm sure if you sparked up a conversation with me I'd find more to say.

Hope I seem interesting :)

* Please feel free to message me if you wish to chat, but keep in mind

that I am new to magic and may not be of much


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