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Name: dark.eclipse
Birthday: Jul 9 1998
Location: With Pariah Pack!
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 06 Aug 2012

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Personal Bio
My therian name is Soalyxace, but many don't even know how to pronounce it, so just call me Lyxace. Some might remember me back from a few months ago, and I had a good reason to leave so don't bother me about it.

I'm a draconic eagle canine therian, and damn right proud :D No one can change my mind. I still am what I called myself a few months ago, except a little more. That ain't gonna change so you're wasting your precious time if you think it is.

Things have changed since I came here last, a lot of stuff :P Now I know that the correct term for who I am is 'therian' and not a lycan :) I can't be that cause I'm also 2 other beings. My spirit/power guides consist of Accelia the Grey Wolf, Soarer the Bald Eagle and Lyxran the Purple Dragon :) Don't anyone dare call me a fake, or what this site pathetically calls a 'fluffy.' I didn't come back to face all of that, and I bet no one else did.

For all those who knew me, I've changed, so if you found me again, don't expect me to be all lovey dovey and sappy with you. I'm still hyper and friendly, but only to those who deserve it. I'm more dark and depressing nowadays. Only few know how to take me out of it, and that's Pariah Pack. So there.

I'm somewhat dark at first, but I guess I can lighten up :) After all, I never was one to stay mad lol. Hobbies are sketching things, writing horror and fantasy stories, reading a good scary book, skyping with my friends and just laughing :)

My fave animals are the wolf, eagle, dragon and chevrotain. But snakes and crocodiles are awesome too! I love the colors green, red and black :) The music I listen too are trance, techno, nightcore and basically anything with a dancing beat :) I like the looks, smell and taste of blood, which doesn't mean I'm referring to myself as another animal, so don't think it does.


Draconic Code of Honor

1. In all that you do consider its benefit or harm to yourself, your family, and your Clan.

2. Your duty is always to yourself, your family, and your Clan.

3. Be honest with yourself and others and let them know you will not accept anything but honesty in return. You should always be above reproach or criticism in the eyes of the world.

4. You should always strive to be kind to others, or, should kindness prove impossible, strive always to be just.

5. Give your bond only after great consideration as to how it may affect your duties to yourself, your family, and your Clan. And when you do give your bond it should carry the weight of a signed blood oath.

6. Pledge friendship and your assistance only to those who are worthy and honorable. Work to strengthen those of your family, friends, and your Clan, and they will strengthen you.

7. Do not pass on anything you have not personally witnessed or verified. Never give unproven hearsay the weight of truth.

8. What you have hold. Let no one take from you, your family, or your Clan that which is rightfully and legally yours.

9. The laws of the land should be obeyed whenever possible and within reason for the protection of yourself, your family, and your Clan, for in the main they have been chosen with wisdom.

10. Never reveal the secrets entrusted to you by your family, your Clan, or your friends without permission. Possession of a wagging tongue marks you as a fool. Exceptions to this are when keeping the secret would endanger an innocent, bring unjustified dishonor to another, bring shame or dishonor to your family, your Clan, or friends, allow a criminal to go unpunished, or seriously violate the laws of the land. In this matter let common sense prevail.

11. Never neglect your family, your Clan, or your friends. Have the fierceness of a Dragon in their defense and always be certain they are provided for before starting any endeavor.

12. Offer forgiveness only to those who are truly repentant of wrongs committed against you, your family, your Clan or your friends. And when you offer forgiveness, do so with honesty, for to do so grudgingly is not forgiveness but deceit.

13. Always remember that the fury and excitement of the moment can play havoc with the truth. To keep one's head in any situation is a virtue.

14. Have respect and honor for all Dragons and the Dragons of the Land. For they will assist you in your endeavors if you do.

15. Dignity, a gracious manner and a good humor are to be admired and cultivated. They will aid you to bring honor to your family, and your Clan.

16. Try always to be prepared for whatever the future may bring. Life with all of its joys, sorrows, and secrets is to be embraced and experienced to the fullest, for this is how one gains wisdom.

17. Respect yourself as a child of the Dragons. Have pride, but not arrogance, in yourself, your appearance, and your position in the Clan. Do your best in all things. Be gracious with self-praise, without bragging, and self-forgiveness when warranted.

18. When you gain authority, use it carefully and with wisdom. Remember that authority will grow with experience, and as a Priest/Priestess of a Clan you should exercise it with care and dignity.

19. Power does not come with authority, but can be given. Be wary of how you use any power given to you, for power over something does not always give you the authority to control it.

20. When your time in this life is done, return to the Dragons, and stand before them with pride, not arrogance. For a life lived with dignity, respect, and honor is one to be prideful of.


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