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Name: whitewolf99
Birthday: Jul 25 1998
Location: in my spell book and with my pet dog
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 16 Jun 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
-I am very shy... at times

-I love dogs

-I am very friendly

-I love meeting people, unless they are complete jerks.

-I like the band avenged sevenfold

-I am in a new and happy relationship with the one Ilove.

-favorite color is a blue or green like essence color if you dont know what i mean its sorta like a neon color.

-I really like anime

- i have some knowledge of magick.

-I am nice, but people are scared of me but i dont know why no one ever tells me, when I ask they just say oh wait i almost forgot i need to do something at home or in the science room

Life is a war. And in war you fight and fight for a single cause, but before you want to fight you want to know what you are fighting for. I constantly ask myself why I just sit around all day when I have neither anything to do or anything at all for that matter. I never seem to know why I hang on to the trigger when I know I have been defeated, I've got no cause no reason to fight, not anymore, I haven't for the longest time. I have been thinking lately more and more about it there really isn't any reason at all, and I really was on the verge of finally giving up, but I started to think about all of you guys. Really I don't think you guys give a crap, but I think I should give myself that second chance and try harder to do everything in my power to get myself up to what my standards should be, I mean who's going to buy Kaily her candy? Probably anybody could, but still trying to make a point. This really isn't just something for myself to feel better, but anyone who is going through something rough, it may be hard to do, but you've got to hold down the trigger of the gun stay alive your friends need you don't ever give up because in the end your friends cannot win the war without you and even if they somehow do it wouldn't be a victory all it would be is a fight without meaning, a war in which the only out come was a sadness that cannot be extinguished simply by giving a present or giving someone a hug, a sadness that will never go away. I hope someone could put this to good use in there life. : ) Remember the war is not worth it without you because you and your friends are your own cause. Make life worth living.

I know what depression is like. I have been through it, and i am going through it. Suicidal thought, wanting to die, everyone hates you, your ex wants you dead. I know what this is like. If you have been through this, paste this in your bio. If not, that proves how cold hearted you are.

Isnt it funny when you kick around,beat on and pick on the kid in the back of the room with black long hair and only wheres black, never talks and you dont know what he could be dealing with at home.

Aint in so god **** funny when you see that emo guy passing by and start calling him stuff like piece of shit, or ugly garbage,but when you see some ordinary guy passing and you go head and say hey why dont you hang out with us.

Aint it real funny when you start a fight that same kid you pick on all the time, and he warns you to stop b/c he knows that he would beat you hard, then you keep goin at him then he gets up and says "thats it" and then he beats you so hard you have to go to the hospital. Aint it real god **** freakin funny?


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