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Name: FrozenSoul
Location: Illinois
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 20 Sep 2013

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Latest update: I'm gagged once again. Yes I know. Again. This will be the third and most likely last gag I get. I'm most likely fluff to here now. Three years I've been here. I tried to be social for the past couple months. Wanted to see if any of my knowledge could be useful. Seems not. I'm just another witch or Wiccan to this site. Another student, another teacher, another person. Nothing special. So I give in. What I'm told shall be done. What others believe will be their word. If someone needs help I'll pass them on to someone more knowledgable. I will be as silent as possible. The gag will stay. I will stay. But I must unfriend my friends on here. I'm sorry. That is all for now. Maybe a new poem or song soon. Thank you.


New update: I'm starting to get into making my own spells. It's easier than others' logic and makes me feel right at home. So to those who ask me for helpful spells, sorry but you're probably going to get one of mine lol :) But trust me they work just as well.

Update: I finally (emphasize FINALLY) got some pictures on here of me that are actually pretty good if I do say so myself :) So please go to my Photos and see and please go to Messages and tell me what you think. My brother wants me to become a photographer so I like taking pics ^_^ Love y'alls

... My mind is just in blazes right now. It doesn't want to quit. I've learned so much yet it wants to learn more. I've grown with Wiccan and I don't want to stop. My beliefs might wonder here and there, but I am certain I will not give up on magic. I want a sensible person to talk to on here, not someone who wishes to steal my heart and break it once they have had their fun. I want someone who is true themselves and others. I am tired of grown "men" who still act as children. I might be young of age but in this mind of mine I could be any age I wish to be. I might not show it at times but there is a bright man deep down inside of me wishing to be freed.

My name is Isaiha. I am 14 and gay. I practice mainly spiritual, weather, and elemental spells because those are the only that interest me but occasionally I'll try something new. I was raised in a long line of Wiccans. That's about all I can think of but if any of you have any questions don't feel shy to ask. Seriously don't. I never mail people because "I'm" too shy to. So if you wish to talk to me you will have to stand up first :)

New song I wrote called "Wonderland." Hope you like:

Bright eyes, tanned skin,

Bad faith, good sin,

None lose, none win,

No out, no in,

Lone days, falling nights,

Blind eye, endless sights,

More laws, less rights,

Small wars, big fights,

All a twist, lips not kissed,

Not winning, not beginning,

None attend, never end,

Can you read my lips, in between those whiskey sips,

Can you get your head out, of that enormous cloud,

That you're always in, I don't know where you've been,

Hard head, soft mind,

Not mean, not kind,

My will, not signed,

No search, no find,

Not here, not there,

On Earth, in air,

No fear, no scare,

Not joined, no tear,

All an act, life hacked,

No tears, no years,

No smile, no trial,

Can you hear my voice, through that noise,

That everlasting thunder, of your land of wonder,

That you're always in, I don't know where you've been,

Not a chance, rending gears,

More than once, pain it nears,

Not again, bursting sears,

Once more, ageing years,

Fighting nights, guarding days,

Focused much, in a haze,

In tact, in a daze,

My hair, it grays,

Laughing chokes, frowning jokes,

Smiling hurts, def words,

Beauty jerks, ugly works,

Can you see my face, in that blinding place,

That endless fog, in the land of smog,

That you're always in, I don't know where you've been,

No sun, no moon,

Just get back home soon.

**********New one: "Headlights"********

I walk down this empty street

Because of your bitter sweet

Drive me away

It's the price I pay

Truth is I'll never learn

I'll be the one to get the burn

So this is the story

From the frozen four way

Your love is like a forcefield

I'm just a bug on the windshield

But I can see through those dead nights

From the help of your headlights

Hit me I don't care

As long as its fair

If it will help you sleep at night

Hit me with your light

Wasting time on this endless road

Losing interest by the load

I only think of your face

But I'm the loser of this race

So now I hike away

From my destiny

You wiped me off and out

On the inside I scream and shout

But I gave up for only me

Now I can finally see

You're the light through my dead nights

Driving through with your headlights

I always thought that maybe

You would come to save me

Now you've saved the day

So I drift away

You need your space

So I left without a trace

I had to go

To let you know

Watching this blinding avenue

All I can think of is only you

I see all these blinking lights

And I think of your thinking eyes

I can't believe you were mine

I must have forgot to stop at the sign

I don't know how

I can turn back now

I don't want to leave this metallic heaven I've found

I love the visions, the illusion, the sound

I can't decide as my head fights

I don't see the headlights

Coming at me from the side

Nowhere to go or hide

I'll miss you my love

I'll be there just from above

Shining through your dead nights

With my angelic headlights.


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