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Name: Blackrose69
Location: Probably a library.....
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 28 Mar 2015

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Hi well a little about me i love to read and write i read at a high level always have. I write my own stories. I am 18, im a country girl, I'm on here because i want to learn magic because I've always believed in it. I love the outdoors and i love the smell before it rains I'm very shy and hard headed but I'm also friendly i like talking to people so if you ever just wanna message me feel free. I dont care if you are straight gay bi or transgender if your nice to me i'll be nice to you i hate violence and bullying, i don't like when people are picked on because of their weight or dating preference.

Things i like




Hanging with friends

Favorite tv shows

True blood

Dance moms

Mob wives

Dance moms miami

Mob wives chicago

Angel beats (anime

Inuyasha (anime

Demon king (anime

Ghost whisper

A haunting

Vampire diaries

Teen wolf

Things i hate

Mean girls


Sexist guys that treat women like crap

Spiders are my phobia (she says as she watches a horror flick about spiders)

Fake people


If you dont have anything nice to say out loud........then give that person the meanest look you can muster and think it with all your might then hope they leave

Normal is overrated werid is real

My definition of normal is weak people that cover who they are out of fear that the "popular" crowd wont accept them

Keep moving foward

Music i like

Anything taylor swift

Anything daughtry




Some country


Favorite book series are

House of night team stark

Vampire acadmey team D

Darkest powers triolgy team derek

And of course hunger games team switerzland

1 of every 10 people born is gay. That means 1 of every 10 people is instantly put down, given bad labels, left alone, put in a minority and so much more.. all for something they didn't ask for. Many gay teens are committing suicide as a way of escaping. If you want to tell them life will get better and you respect them for who they ...are, put this on your profile, most of you won't, but let's see the 5% of you who will.

The girl you just called fat.. She's overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly.. She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped.. He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars.. He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying.. His mother is dying. Put this as you're status if you're against bullying. I bet 95% of you wont re-post, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will


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