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Name: Lunatalu
Birthday: Jun 14 1982
Location: Tennessee
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 16 Apr 2014

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Basic Guide to Understanding Me

People have said I'm hard to understand. I disagree. People have said I'm hard to get to know. Again, I disagree. And for that reason, I figured I could simplify things a bit, and just outright state some of my opinions and my viewpoint. If this seems randomly organised, I apologise in advance, it's just the way my brain happens to work.

Disclaimer:: None of the opinions stated herein are anyone else's, nor would I force them on anyone else. They are mine and mine alone... and I've come to them through the years of my life and my life experiences. If you disagree, /cheers to you. That's you. This is me. I'll let you be you, provided you let me .. be ME.

On Family::

Family is important to me. I don't always agree with them, or get along with them, but I still love them. My mother and I have had our issues, and spent most my younger years at each other's throats -- sometimes literally... but we've come to an understanding, and get along alright for the most part now. My dad is a character all his own, and I respect him for that. My brother and I are close, we may not always agree, and will be there for each other always

On Friends::

I don't make friends easily, it seems. Or maybe it is, if I do, they're just not suited to be friends, or we just drift apart.. who knows. As it is, I have very few, and don't really feel I'm lacking. I consider a friend.. as someone who will be there through anything and everything. Someone who cares, and is willing to show it, ask how things are, commiserate if things aren't going well, and offer advice if asked for. A friend is not part-time. A friend doesn't hide things from a friend. A friend doesn't need to hold the same opinion as you.. or even agree with you, but they're willing to listen and try to understand anyway. Friends can be trusted with secrets, will console when necessary, and expects only the same thing in return. A friend doesn't turn away if you are upset or angry or sad, and a friend doesn't judge. Friends are not there to tell you what to think, they're not there to make you happy or "better". Friends aren't a bandaid when things hurt, they're simply someone to talk to. "Friends" is a reciprocal term. It's not one-sided, and it's not conditional. It is not based on age, location, sex, religious or sexual preference, looks, or anything else. It just is. It is not vindictive, it is not forceable. Being friends with someone means taking into consideration the other person, and being there no matter what, no matter your mood, no matter where or when. It means being honest, and straight-forward, and caring. Honestly, truly caring. If you aren't those things, you aren't my friend.

On Religion::

Sure there's something out there. A higher power, if you want to call it that. Do I want to have your religion? Nope. Do I respect you for having it? Yes. Do I feel everyone has a right to believe whatever they want? Sure. What I don't agree with is trying to make anyone else believe the same thing you do. Trying to get them to understand, sure. But pushing it on someone is a big no-no. I believe in the supernatural, I don't believe in the "big bang" theory. I believe things like the bible, and many of histories legends and myths are probably based on a grain of truth. Do I know what it is? Nope. Am I going to go looking for it? Again, nope. I believe in spirits, ghosts, and even the powers of the mind to do amazing things. I do not subscribe to any specific religion, nor do I intend to, nor do I feel empty or at a loss because of it. What I believe simply is

How to Piss Me Off::

I'm pretty tough to offend or anger. But there are some things that will get me every time. Insulting me or my family, or hurting them is one. Another is lying to me.. or betraying me. If you lie to a friend of mine, or my family, I'll take it with a grain of salt. Unless I was there to hear it, it's still hearsay, and I'll make my own opinion. If it's towards me, it's unforgiveable. The other big way to tick me off is to not believe me. I don't "just say" things to be polite, or nice. When I say something, I mean it. I don't necessarily think about it ahead of time, or say it the way I mean it, or even say it well enough to be understood... but never-the-less, I mean it. If you don't understand me, or think I said something to hurt you on purpose, ask if it's true before you go and assume. I've lost more friends because they assumed they knew what I meant, and they didn't. And they never asked. Their loss

On Politics and Other Misc Things::

Politicians are .. trash. I don't believe a single one would know the truth if they hit it on the road. I don't vote, and I don't plan to. Occasionally if there's something on the ballot I really believe in, I'll stick my three cents worth in, but that's about it.

Sports.. are interesting, sometimes. I don't pick favorite teams, or idolize people, even in the sports I enjoy watching (horse sports, mostly) For the most part, most sports I know little about, and it's not on my agenda to find out.

Music .. love it. Do I listen to anything specific? Not really, it all depends on my mood, but there are some types I do avoid.. most the time. I'm pretty opinionated about what's playing at any given time, though, and the car radio is mine to control, which is why I'm always driving.

Dancing .. is an outpouring of energy, a release. Occasionally I'll go out clubbing. I don't go to meet people, make friends, find dates, or go home with a guy. I go, simply, to dance. To cut loose, let the music flow over and through me, and enjoy the lights and the trance-like state.

Driving and cars... lately, as long as it's cheap to fuel and it moves, I could care less what it is. However, it's not by choice, it's by necessity. If I had my choice, I'd not be driving what I have now, nor would it probably be cheap to fuel. (Preferrably a corvette convertible, or a jeep wrangler.. although i wouldn't mind a big ol F250, provided I had another vehicle when I'm not haulin stuff.) It'd also be a stick. I can't stand automatics.. although it's what I'm stuck with now.

Weather .. if I could pick, I'd be happy with 55-75 degree temps year round. I don't tend to do all that well in heat, I'm much more a cold weather person. On that note, I also enjoy seeing SEASONS change. I.e. .. I like to see snow, rain, storms, leaves fall, flowers bloom

Having things .. I'd be happy if I could live comfortably. I have no desire to be rich, or wear the best things, in fact I'd far rather shop at thrift stores and get stuff that's already broken in. *wink* (on that note.. I also don't particularly like shopping. .. only places I can enjoy occasional shopping are computer stores, book stores, and music stores.)

.. Well that's me. If I come up with anything else, I'll add it to the list.


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