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Name: AmrtaKai
Location: Arlington TX
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 28 Jul 2012

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I am a Christian Mystic Witch and I long for an understanding community that will not judge me for "mixing" my religions. I believe strongly in every Wiccan ideal. There is such thing as a Christian Witch and yes I'm one of them! I'm hoping this forum is a place where all can communicate and learn more about one another creating the tolerance and Love we need so desperately. I've been a solitary practicioner for over 15 years working with Angels and guides, herbs, candle, crystal and tarot work.

I am a long experienced Rune Stone diviner and am offering a one question reading using Rune Stones, Tarot and my Spirit Guides to lead me to your truths.

I use one stone per question and then pull several Tarot cards for clarification or expansion if needed. You wll receive an email with descriptions of the stones and cards pulled and what they mean pertaining to your question so that you will understand the reading completely.

I have been doing readings for around 15 years and have always ?consulted? the stones on a regular basis when I find myself in need or simply to enhance my day.

I will do a specific reading for you and will respond to you by email.

Average turn around times for all my readings is about 4 days.Please allow up to 5 days for this reading as with many readings coming in I want to give each the time, energy and attention you deserve.

Again, this is a genuine and professional reading specifically for you. I would like to say that all readings are positive but as in life things are more complex than that. Simply put, I will tell you what the Runes tell me and I will compose a descriptive email to send back to you.

The Runes do not provide answers to your questions, they point you in the right direction so you can find the answers for yourself.

***To clarify, this purchase is for an email reading only.***

***For ethical and legal reasons I will not do readings on heath, pregnancy, death or give legal advice.***

I'm here to learn and be in a tolerant, non-judgemental community. It will be a relief....since I'm in the closet as of now.


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