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Name: Tokita8189
Birthday: Nov 12 1996
Location: US
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 11 Jul 2012

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Personal Bio

Hullo, I'm Avi, 15 years old and from the US. I speak Spanish and English (and a little German) if you want to chat... Uhm, I decided to become a Wiccan this year after studying the religion taught at my school (Christianity) in depth and seeing that it just didn't suit me. Currently, I am studying Candle and Rune magicks - so if you have any tips or extra information, I'd love to hear it. Also, if you study or practice any other types of magicks, I'd love to learn those as well. (:

If there's anything you'd like to know about me of have any questions, I don't bite... well, not that hard. :D Feel free to ask me anything.

*My photo album is public.(:

P.s... also, if it's not too much to ask, it would be awesome if you could help me out with some of the things on my Wishlist, as I don't have a Paypal account. :/

If you can understand this OHNE DERGOOGLE.TRANSLATE , message me:
Lieben, oh s (suss - umlaute "u" und scharfes "ss")lieben
Wo hast du weg?
Warum hast verlasst du alleine mich?
Mein Herz, mein lieber Herz
Es Wurde geworfen im Dreck
Jetzt, ich bin nichts... ohne dich

Some extra stuff about me:

I like music by Avenged Sevenfold, Tokio Hotel, 3 Doors Down, BOTDF, Breathe Carolina, Black Veil Brides, Evans Blue, etc. I listen to alot more of them (some really weird ones too) so if you ask me about some, I'll probably know those too.

I'm an artist, check my DeviantART account as my 'Website', I've got some more things to add to it soon.

Music is literally my life - I am seriously listening to it 24 hours a day. I've also always wanted to be in a band.(:

I make band tees like from basically any band you want, ie. Five Finger Death Punch, Soundgarden, etc. If you want to see some, just ask me and I'll give you the link to my profile when it's finished.


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