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Name: Aster
Birthday: Sep 18 1991
Location: alabama
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 06 Dec 2016

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Personal Bio
My witch name is Aster Moonstone Morning, but my birth name is Jillian. I practice witchcraft, but enjoy looking into pagan beliefs, theres alot of intrezting things involved. I am an Elect Witch and practice various forms of Witchcraf.

On FB look up The Tribal Moon I sale occult items and speciality spells, jewelry, candles, ornaments..

I have been practicing the craft for about 13 years now. . I like to practice a lot of older ways, but spiritually I have taken on more modern things also.I have studied and developed skilled in many traditions of magick. I do not want to say there is a wrong way to practice because everyone is diffrent. Any other questions just message me. I like to talk about these things freely.... Oh check out my photos for learm a little something new. Pics have knowledgeable discriptions.


-I am clairvoyant

-fae magik

-shamin practice (Native American)

-celtic herbal works

-Blood Magick

-voodoo root work

-Hoodoo magick

-Gypsy magick

-dream interpreter.

-Astral traveling

-I am can see with spirits, when saying spirits it can mean things in nature. So do not go off thinking I am a ghost buster-(I do not contact them I let them come to me)...I may not be able to summon them, but I can communicate when they want me too.Spirits linger in many places they are not hard to fine.

-I can see Auras: but most of the time when a person is spiritually enlightened you can see them, Auras are wonderful once you learn to see them. If you believe you are seeing them and are unsure how to control it message me and I have tips to share.

-Tarot card reading

-palm reading

- tea leaves readings

-In to Folk lore

-Norse mythology



-I am talented in reading dreams. So if a dream has been bothering you message me the dream in detail and I can let you know what I find.

I have not ever had a huge dream that could save millions, but I do dream about people.I pick up n energies easily and sometimes I find myself seeing a lot of odd things, but I have manage this better and have been able to read thing better now.

I like to have a lot of time too myself. I like the stories behind the gods and goddess and the rich history behind them. I am not so sure about the Divines that gifts us, but I see how others refect on it this way.

I practice a lot with my skills, farthing my clairvoyance and astral travel. Also to let others know, you do not have to be rich and have the fancy stuff for an altar to practice. I mean alot of my things I have bless and can charmed myself. I know the SOM has some useful things on here,but I do like to make things myself.

I wear the Triquetra as a symbols of my faith if you do not know what it is I have given a definition- Three petals, each of which is a Vesica Piscis an ancient yonic symbol for the tripple Goddess. The Triquetra is often found in Celtic designs within drawings of Triple Spirals, which indicates it was likely an important SPIRITUAL symbol to the Celtics. When used as Witchs symbol it generally connotes the Triple Goddess, or the three levels of being - body, mind, and spirit / soul. I use it as the mind, body and soul.

I like the idea of enlightment, but I do not want to say White is better then dark, because I believe you need both to have a balance in life. There has to be good with the bad, negative energy with the positive energy. It is the natural flow of things. Finding the Balance of Light and Dark- Like the yin-yang symbol, nlightenment is incomplete without endarkenment. Both are necessary to the evolution of your soul and spirit. Although culturally, and almost worldwide, there is an association of darkness with negativity, harm, ignorance, and evil, this is too simple an interpretation. This is usually understand, in spiritual practices, as emptying yourself of personality aspects and ego-attachments, and letting the Divine Light fill you. But the Dark is just as sacred as the Light. It is part of the Light. You can no more achieve Light without Dark than you can get strength without nourishment. witches philosophy, and a crucial step in full self-realization. As Witches, most honour both sides of the wheel, the Yin as well as the Yang, the Dark as well as the Light so to speak. So Most Witches practices makes it clear that spiritual enlightenment by itself isn't enough. We also need spiritual endarkenment. It is the equal balance of the two that frees us! :) Neither the Light nor the Dark is dominant. Now this is what I believe, it is not set in stone, we are all free to do what we wish with our spirit. Do not get me wrong, I do practice rituals and like alot of the witches way and I do follow many of their traditions, I just do not have a divine goddess.

Simply stated, Witchcraft is the methodology of magic employed in the tradition of Witches. Such methods may be as simple as mental visualizations, spoken charms and gestures, or complex as carefully timed rituals steeped in arcane symbolism. No single method is more potent or valid than another.

Historically, the word "Witchcraft" has always been a derogatory term for any practice of magic. In the twentieth-century, the Neo-pagan movement sought to ?reclaim the word for itself and has made it almost synonymous with ?Wicca, a religion invented in the 1950's by Gerald Gardner. This new definition of "Witchcraft" has blurred the distinctions between magic and prayer in ways that are confusing and detrimental to both. While Wicca may involve elements of Witchcraft, it is not the definition of Witchcraft. There was no-doubt Witches long before there were "Wiccans".

Traditional Witchcraft is not "Pagan". Paganism refers to the systematic worship of ancient gods and goddesses, whereas the underlying beliefs of authentic Witchcraft comprise a world-view known as animism; from Latin anima meaning "soul", or "life". The fundamental ideology of animism is that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical worlds and that all things have souls or spirits, including animals, plants, rocks, mountains, rivers and all aspects of the manifest world. Such reasoning also applies to abstract concepts such as words, true names and metaphors in mythology. This is in contrast to Pantheism, Monism, Dualism and Idolatry which are all hallmarks of modern Paganism.

While Witchcraft does not involve the worship of deities, it places great importance on the reverence of ancestral and familiar spirits as sources of power, luck, information, insight into the future and magical prowess.

May the divine you worship look after you or what ever path you choose be safe and blessed.


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