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Name: Angel_Scythe
Birthday: May 14 1998
Location: ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 07 May 2016

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There is a wide variety of thoughts and beliefs that i do have. I am a very unique person, and as long as you put your mind to it, i believe you can do anything AND be anything. Here is what i am going to say:

First off, it is very obvious that i am a witch, and i work the craft. I do both "light" and "dark" magick although i believe that magick really doesn't have a color, and that its you as a person that can change it based on intention and will. I am also very strong in my power, and experienced.

Next, I do carry my beliefs in a strong manner under my sleeve. I respect those beliefs of my own and other peoples beliefs as well... Don't stomp on them just because you don't see it. Just because you DON'T see it doesn't mean its not there.

1.) i believe in other worldly creatures such as goblins,unicorns,Dragons,etc. You get the point

2.) I believe in good and evil, but i also believe that even the evilest person/creature still has light in their heart....they just have to find a way to see it and show it.

3.) I also Strive to keep an open heart and mind. To see the other person's point of view and to help when they need it. I can help with anything really, and even help with your toughest questions. So, if you need someone, there you go. you got me.

4.) i believe in everything.*

And also, I am a channeling Medium. They are the strongest of all the types of mediums, and yes, to be specific, i work with spirits. I work with any kind, but usually demons and angels. Yes, human spirits i do as well in case you ask. If you want me too, i can contact anything though really. If you need information on channeling mediums, spirits, magick, or anything else...tell me. I'm here to listen in...a caring heart listens more than ears.

*Athough I had said that i believe in everything, i truly do. But don't come up to me and make up any random thing you can think of in the book. I have heard some crazy stories, and believed the ones i knew were true. I can and will sense if you are lying or not.**

**I possess crazy yet true stories of my own, but yet again,liars will be pointed out.


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