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Name: bloodywords
Birthday: Jul 9 1997
Location: unknown
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 24 May 2017

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Welcome anyone who is here for honest reasons.

I am verymuch in love with life and believe it should be respected greatly I do not think their is anything of greater worth than a soul or a life and I believe neither should be taken for granted, I believe we should worship the time we have and love in the moment knowing that moment will someday be just a memorie, knowing that someday everything you have will be gone as things are always changing. My beleifs are never set in stone, I'm still young and still have much to learn, it's kinda scary... in my past life I was a wolf, rescued by a witch,but something happened I'm not sure but my last memory was ropes over my eyes and it's bothering me because it makes no sense...this life I am a witch who feels I do not belong, but that is wrong, I belong to this worl, what doesn't belong is what we have done to this world, we created a prison. I just want to live in nature, in a cottage, in thr woods where I would have my garden and could go harvest berries. I wish to be free, I wish for peace, I do not wish for imprisonment and war..I belong to this planet, this earth. But not to this society. And I will make my wishes come true, I will live the way I'm supposed to, because I am a witch, and I will make good things happen. I am here for this reason, share with me your knowledge and I will share with you mine...and yes my bio is always changing, that is because my mind is always racing. Please because I speak allittle of my past life think I'm here for role play or to here your make beleive stories, my story is honest, I do have some memories from my pastlife, and I know they are real, I would like to learn more, but I want to learn the posative stuff I'm afraid of seeing anymore things that are scary... but I want to know how me then has affected me now, to know who I know what I did so wrong...I mean I had to of to have the childhood I had...but I don't understand why or what...and I wish to get to the bottom of it...I'm also really tired soo I may have written in a bunch of unnessisary stuff, like I may have said something to many times or said something I shouldn't of, I'll probably delete everything next time I go through this...


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