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Name: bloodywords
Birthday: Jul 9 1997
Location: unknown
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 16 Jan 2017

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I just realized my energy has gotten really weak....I'm not 14, I'm not 16, I'm birthday is visible for you guys and it is the truth memory is crap and I swear it's getting worse


R.I.P. to an amazing cousin, 7/15/1996 -10/14/2016 may your wishes in death be respected. He was the most selfless person, putting children before hisself, never met his dreams, never married his fiance and his story is tragic, but in the end he found happyness for hisself, and I geuss that was his purpose here, to learn to feel the joy that he gave to everyone else..


If you have a human body, a physical human body you are human,any abilities you may have does not affect this..also, being a witch born into it or not does not change the fact your human..I do not deny the existence of any supernatural creatures as there are many things we still don't know about yet...but understand if you are physically a human you are human...and their is nothing wrong with that, because being human does not define anything more than what you physically are...this is nothing to do with souls or's mostly directed towards the annoying ones who like to play pretend on this site...I hope yall get what I mean and if you do...feel free to help me find a better way to word this...


To those wanting to open your third eye, the alkaline diet helps with that because alkaline decalsifies the pineal gland..iK bad spelling. And avoid tap water since fluoride is added to that which is really bad for your 3rd eye, and don't eat to much meat.... Just because that seems to be a commonly asked question also ps I don't mean to much alkaline it can be bad for can your 3rd eye being over active. Apparently I need to be clear and spacific with people -_-


This sounds weird but I wish to be able to gather information from previous timelines, you know, and I I wanna learn how to do so...not past lives why do you all think I mean pastlives? Nevermind...I'll figure it out on my own...mean like akashic records or something idk how to spell it, like of the earth though not of only one single life


I am not a teacher but I am willing to share what knowledge I do know with others.


There's a message limit on here not here for small talk also this isn't a dating site. I'm here to learn and help others as much as I can okay...that's the reason I joined


If I give you my name, I consider you a friend, and friends have value to me, friendships mean alot...but remember I am here to learn, and share any knowledge I learn aswell


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