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Name: ShizukaAi_76
Location: Deep Emotionless Death
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 01 Jun 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Name: Shizuka Lockheart

Age: 15

Cult/Religion: None

Relationship status: Single (Have been for about 1 and a half years)

Magic type: Any

Level: ?

Occupation: Super Ultra Depressed Sleeping Emo Girl

"Race": Unfortuneately American

Hair: Naturally black with slanted bangs over left eye

Eyes: Brown (I hate them...)

Skin: Getting paler

Figure: Willowy

Flexibility: Very flexible

Strength: Abnormally high

Stamina (x/100): 35/100

Poetry Published: Diminishing Dream

Books (Yet to be completed): Bad memories, Scars, Black Moon, Restrained(?)

My username means "Quiet Love" in Japanese. If I don't know you, I tend to be quite timmid, but if you do, you know that I am almost constantly depressed. Those who don't call me Emo call me Goth Girl, and I don't really mind, only because one I like the titles, two: it's very true and three: it means that they are intiminated. I am a hermit. I almost never go outside unless it's night, only because I despise the sun with an ironically firy passion. It burns my skin and kills my eyes, so I stay as far away from it as possible, and that does include putting blankets over my windows so no sun may enter. I am -as you may have already figured- addicted to the darkness. I like anime and my favorite elements are a tye between Air and Water. I love the feeling of having power, which means I hate taking orders and I like to be relyible. I love to write poetry, draw anime and random doodles that turn out somewhat awesome (in my personal opinion). Anyway, I think I may have demolished any sence of logic in your mind, so add me if you wish. I always like new friends, even though in truth I may have none, so if you find me wierd or freaky, feel free to block me. I will act like I don't care. Have a nice evening.

I AM SEARCHING FOR A MENTOR!!! If you wish to attempt to teach me anything on magic (how to cast a circle, how to cast a spell,ect.), please mail me.

Copied from Austins_girl: Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preseerved body, But rather to skid in sideways. totally worn out, shouting 'Daaamn... What a ride'.....

Copied from greykittykat: ~1 of every 10 people born is gay. That means 1 of every 10 people is instantly put down, given bad labels, left alone, put in a minority and so much more.. all for something they didn't ask for. Many gay teens are committing suicide as a way of escaping. If you want to tell them life will get better and you respect them for who they ...are, put this on your profile, most of you won't, but let's see the 5% of you who will.

Copied from greykittykat: Love is smiling through the tears and the pain and being happy for the other person when inside you're slowly dying.....

copied from Fireangle96:

people say im ugly just cause im emo?!

people say im slutty just cause im emo?!

people say im mean just cause im emo?!

people say im loveless and heartless just cause im emo?!


and if you think its funny GET THE F*** OFF MY PAGE!!!

post this on your page if your emo or goth please!!


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