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Name: Ms.TrueHeart
Birthday: Aug 12 1983
Location: California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 30 Apr 2015

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I'm da Chilla Named Somebody..Ask about m3..WHY STUDY M3 WHEN U SHOULD PRACTICE YOU?!?

To love me, is to know how to love someone unconditionally. I love to laugh and I tend to do that when no one else will. I have a great sense of humor. I ?m straight to the point and I can be very blunt at times although I do tend to have a way with words. I?m extremely caring and considerate. I trust people far to easily which can be my downfall at times. I put my all into everything I do and I finish everything that I start. My time keeping isn?t the greatest yet my intentions are always there. I?ve learned from my past but I don?t live in it. I never regret the things I?ve done as they were right at the time; I only regret the things I didn?t do. I can to keep my word. I hold trust on a very high pedestal. I?m adjusted to myself and pretty content with who I?ve become. I believe in timing and that if things are meant to be, then they will?but fate is very busy, so sometimes you have to give it a helping hand. I love it when people are real. I love to be floored with what a person says. Finding unexpected depth inside someone is like finding a long lost treasure that others can only dream of finding. Intelligence is one of the most amazing traits someone can have. I?m big on RESPECT. I LOVE women and everything about them. I dislike liars, a lot. I love the simple pleasures in life. I love to see people stand up for themselves and stand up for what they believe in; but it annoys me when people try to shove their opinions down my throat. I love it when people have a strong character and hate it when someone is a complete pushover. Living without passion is wasting a life because you?re just existing. I love to be proven wrong/right by logic. Ignorance, lack of passion, bad manners, superficiality, and pretentiousness are my pet peeves. I can learn a lot from an individual just by observing from a far...I believe one should not pass judgment on a person until they?ve walked a mile in their shoes...I believe that we can only offer that which we have to give, we can?t make others accept it. I?m rarely fascinated by someone, so when I do find myself intrigued by you?you?ll know it. Aesthetic beauty is nice, but not nearly as impressive as inner beauty. I?m a fantastic friend, and an amazing girlfriend, but of course I make mistakes


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