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Name: Teal123
Location: Between light and dark
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 28 Jan 2013

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The Palace Guard has been disbanded.

The Young Army has been disbanded.

All boys and girls who have lost touch with their families

have been settled into the old barracks in family groups,

for which we seek caring houseparents.

We also seek high-quality Apprenticeships

throughout the Castle.

Many people of the Castle have spent the past ten years

working for the Supreme Custodian, performing tasks

that perhaps, now , they are not so proud of.

To that end, we are happy to announce the

Second-Chance Scheme, the first of which will be

many new programs to get the Castle back on track.

Anyone may come to see us at any time and will be given

new training toward a new profession, no questions asked.

We do not care what you have done in the past,

only what you can do to contribute to

a brighter, better future.


Sorry, I cant pm cause it says limit reached.

Thanks though.


My name is Teal123, I would like to change the name to ReflectingWizard. Thanks for looking at my spells! I would like to thank you all if I could. Pm me if you wanna hear stuff about me. My spells might not work, it might be cause you need a full moon. For all of you that like pranks I have a good one that will prank alot. Here it is, you know if you put mentos in coke it will explode right? All of you know that. Get a empty ice cube tray and put water in each cube. Then put mentos in each one then put it back in the freezer. When the other person gets their coke they will get the ice cubes (the mentos are frozen now in the water but you cant see the mentos through the coke) and then the person will put them in the coke then, BOOM you know what happens! I LOVE art but sometimes im good at it, only sometimes. Thanks for looking!


I do not do dark magic, I do light magic. I dont like dark magic, I want to be...



I love minecraft! My username on minecraft (MC) is stompedslappy and I am really good at survival, I LOVE SURVIVAL! I love creative mode the same too! PM Me on minecraft if you want questions. (Im a master at survival mode on minecraft!), I do go to a multiplayer server, its called

If you go to its real website you can donate like I did! :D

Im Admin on that server. (Only on that single server)


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