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Name: ibiibiibi
Birthday: Dec 29 1994
Location: nederhland
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 04 Jun 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
title :iam a nice guy but sometimes iam realy bad becouse of all the lyis.

my hoppy's are :

watching wwe,dragonballz,playing ps3, almost all the time on the pc ,sometimes i go to the gym ,watching naruto , watching bleach , hitting on gurls,help poeple if i can.(iam new so i cant help you yet i need to be helped first however i must try a new way becouse iam banned from chat becouse of missunderstanding and not let me finnish mine story).

mine favourite muzik :

angel of darkness (and i got links too with lyrics so you can read it if you cant hear).

tupac changes (and no iam not nigger).

tupac no more pain

tupac hail marry

tupac they dont give a f**k about us

tupac ghost

tupac only god can judge me

tupac lord knows

eminem till i collapse

eminem no apalogies

eminem despicable

eminem 8mile

eminem 25 to live

eminem mine darling

eminem hellbound

eminem cold wind blow

eminem wont back down

eminem beutyfull

eminem spacebound

eminem superman

eminem suck mine d**k

eminem rock bottom

eminem no love (skip the first 2 minute lil gay 's song)

3 most things i hate :

number 1 school ( i hope they make a spell to end school for ever)

number 2 lyis ( however i ly too sometimes)

number 3 stress ( stress will couse braindamage FATAL)

mine favourite food:

number 1 pizza hot

number 2 kfc

number 3 mcdonald

3 most things i love:

number 1 the truth

number 2 video games

number 3 people who dont judge you by the way you look.

personal info not too personal tought : iam a 17 years old male mine weight is 82.50 kilogram mine lenght is 1.75 M mine email is iam liveing in nederhland.

mine personalty: iam whatever you give me if you give me recpect i give you double respect back if you curse me than i curse back to hell. i like to say the truth but it gets me in trouble so i will sometimes ly to you but you understand ;).

thanks fore reading. ( and if you didnt read than that thanks isnt fore you )


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