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Name: transgender
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 29 Oct 2012

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am gagged already this are my introductions on my preveous accounts.


I practiced 1st Wicca at age 14 when a friend of mine taught me about these but lasted only 2 years & began going back as a christian life ( due to the fact all schools i have gone has different branch of christianity namely Catholic,Protestant, & Born Again Christians & am in a "Bible infested country")so after i quit practicing magic,my whole life is devoted in following the "word of Jesus" like "thou shalt not kill,not steal,forgive others,am a jealous god worship only me" and so on until these day.At 27, I realized after hardly "following Christ's word" for a decade that something is "lacking", something must be discovered.Am having the urge to buy not just Witch/Spell books but also those Christian exposed revelations/scandals like "Night Templars/Da Vinci Code/Untold Stories of Lucifer" where I just discovered lot of the Bible contents is really "edited/erased /revised". am already going back to enlightenment/nature worship/recognition of the Gods & Goddesses. For now I can say am an Air type witch/sage because most of my current athlete skills(am practicing gymnastics)are done on air & most of my ways are of air type.Be posting more about me after i've been in these forum for too long


i believe, serve, & worship only extraterestrials in the following races. The Nordics, Pleideans, Elohim, & the Arcturians. The first 3 appear like Caucasians. although am Asian descent & dont look like Caucasian, i still hope to meet one of them, learn their magic skills, technology, & martial arts. My other account name is "shemale" maybe i got gagged cos i said something about "everyone is different & has their own unique abilities".

3rd intro:

enough of these,i will never join in the chat room again,its full of jeeeeeeeeeelous peoples promoted to gagg anyone to fulfill their lust for "putting away beautiful daughter of the goddesses" atittude.No wonder the other charming good looking/beautiful members dont join forum already gaged 3x without doing unrespectful thing/provocation/humiliation etc etc etc or whatever wont reply to anyone greeting me in the forum,i will just reply to the mail if anything want to be friend of me.Chatting in this website should be an exchange of views & knowledge & not to show your hatred to the undeserving


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