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Name: DarkRunes
Birthday: May 30 1988
Location: Tasmania Australia
Gender: Male
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what to say what to say im a norse pagan and a practitioner of blood ceremonys my walk the path of the midguard serpent and i am not one to be messed around i aim to collect the knowelege of the world and grow my own strength

My path well its diffrent to say the least

Why honor the Serpent at all? Some claim that the Snake is an enemy of mankind, but those of us who work with the World Serpent have seen no evidence of this. In fact, many of us have learned important things from the Serpent, who seems to have a lot to teach about liminality, being neither one thing nor the other but both. It also teaches about the ley lines, the energy lines in the Earth, and under the sea, and how to follow and use them. Some people have learned something vaguely like Kundalini from the Serpent as well. It is a mysterious spirit, and may have more to teach that we don't know.The Serpent does not seem to mind its destiny of becoming the living protective barrier around the world of humanity. As such, the Serpent can be called upon to protect a space, or a person. It can teach them boundaries while it protects them. To call upon the Serpent, put its rune - Ior - on the door of the space to be protected, or on the body of the person (with magic marker). If you know someone who needs better boundaries, you can ask the Serpent to help them.The World Serpent was created from the magic of the Iron Wood acting on the combined bloodlines of Loki and Angrboda, two of the most powerful Jotnar the Iron Wood itself ever brought forth. Of all the Jotnar that I've dealt with, the Big Snake is the one that I think is most easy to misunderstand. It is an incredibly alien creature. Touching its nature is very strange. It is hermaphroditic - not terribly unusual for the Iron Wood - although it tends to "feel" to the person contacting it like whatever their gender is. It doesn't speak in words, or any kind of a language that we would consider a language, but it does speak, somehow. I can't explain that - it boggles my mind to try - but the one time when I shared a body with the Snake (which seems to have no name; as it is unique, it doesn't feel like it needs one, it is simply "I") it felt as though all the verbal parts of my brain were being shoved aside and disconnected. It took an hour before I could properly speak, after that.Those of us who work with Loki's family tend to doubt that the Snake claims anyone, not the way that Loki or Hela (or Odin or Thor, for that matter) do. I think it will attempt communication with specific people, and they may mistake that. If they say that the Snake talked to them in words, or in human thought-concepts, that's generally when I doubt them. However, it is possible that the human mind "translated" the concepts into words without realizing that this is what was happening.

he received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent because it is fortold When he lets go, the world will end. the greeks reffered to the great serpent as the Ouroboros

The name originates from within Greek language; (oura) meaning "tail" and (boros) meaning "eating".

The Ouroboros represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the concept of eternity and the eternal return, and represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth, leading to immortality.

The Ouroboros is contained in the Egyptian Book of the neitherworld as well as in india theOuroboros symbolism has been used to describe Kundalini energy

even inMexico The god Quetzalcoatl is sometimes portrayed biting its tail on Aztec and Toltec ruins


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