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Name: Rikashaya
Location: On this planet Earth
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 06 Dec 2017

Membership: Member

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I'm nice to talk to also I can help you in some ways just ask away, I do white magic, mail me only to talk or for help, not to bother me with pointless things or test me I get annoyed by that very quick, dont worry I wont bite, I have a poem I guess don't take it I worked hard on it my work is my work


days are pain i grow more weak everyday, my freedom is lost it does not last

my freedom i think is my daydreams but it does not last ,someone

snaps me out of it only to chain me up again

this so called planet you call home and paradise, thats a lie this is

a living nightmare everyday

I wish i can have this light in my hand, i try and try to find a way

I finally do yes i found it! wait but it only leads to more dark and

pain ,please someone take me away

no one knows me not at best, the smile i keep on my face is just a

fake not one for real

surprise surprise i know this feeling traped up inside, no rest


understand me please dont look down on me...

as you see this shell is not the real me

the real me is lashing out from the inside

she's on the leash it will snap any moment

go on taunt more im not stopping her

if she rips you apart dont come crying to me

for that you done it to yourself

I told you the leash will snap if you taunt more

but its too late for that

for that she already is ripping you apart and she wont stop

until theres nothing left of you

then she will reset back inside me and chains will chain her up

for the next victim once she go a second time she will never return

then the shell will shatter then i will be my old self...


I am my shadow and my shadow is me the real me is my shadow and I am

just a fake I am trapped in the shadow to protect everyone else the

shadow is waiting to be released again to tear apart someone again


What am I?

Surely I'm not human

Maybe I am one....

But what is that burning sensation in my heart

When I hate some one or is enraged?

How come I forget my memories of why I was enraged?

Why is it after that the person now avoids me?

Why is it....that my voice change and personality?

How come everything darkens in my mind and the words fall out like I'm in no control of it?

When ever I feel hurt my energy pierce through everyone around me

What am I?


or just a hidden monster....

or just a demon....

or just a fallen angel.....

or just another demon spawn.....


Mail me if you want to chat or want help, I have intrest in demons(good ones),elemental magick,white magick, dragons , supernatural,and protecting loved ones, don't talk badly about my family or friends, you hurt either of them I will end you, have a nice day! I am goth but I'm a nice person to talk to it depends on how you treat me and others if you're rude and mean I wont respond to you ,love to learn the best I can, my life is not that much ,Oh by the way I'm always looking for more friends that have interesting topics to talk to me about.....sometimes I'm lonely...but that's ok as long someone can at least read someone's bio


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