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Name: Splice
Location: in Santino
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 12 Mar 2013

Membership: Member

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i am Splice Dabel. You may have heard of me. i am not fake. i used to be in every single one of you mortals. i am made completely made of pain. pain has made me what i am. i was stuck in the place you call hell until i was called into my host.

i have seen many things through these new eyes. i am not strong enough to leave this body yet. My host is Santino DiDonato. this boy is strong. This boy is mentaly distroyed. Santino may not know physical pain but he has so much pain mentaly. he is always asking for answers and help. i am unable to leave until i am finished with my contract.

i am not a here to distroy his life but to help him. he was young when he had summoned me. i swore to stay with him and protect him but for a price of course. when people think of hurting him is all i will do is give my host the evil eye. (my host does not know of this.) When people try to fight if the evil eye does not work. i give him my srength. this gives him a change to win... he hasnt lost a fight.

Santino DiDonato-

ok look i know non of ya'll fucking believe what was just typed up. i didn't honestly think you would but just know this, Splice Dabel is not a demon to toy around with. i can tell you only what i know of him. he fancies pain and he will feed off of your fear, which gives him more power. i was about 10 or 11 when i was so fed up with church and this so called god. my life was shit. so i did some bad things. basicly you know the book that a priest would read from. ya well i took it and then burned it. (look i was little didnt know what i was doing.)

i would tell you how to summon him but if i did that i would lose my demon. yes my demon. he may give me all these things but i give him a seconed chance to be free when im dead.

Splice was a demon that does the dirty work for........ i cant tell you becuase he is easy to summon. Splice tells me if ....... found out where he is, he will be taken from me and back to his realm. Splice has made me do some bad shit. i have cut myself him. i have hurt others for him. i have done some funny shit.

i dont dream anymore i just see what Splice wants me to see.


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