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Name: OrcaNiru
Gender: Male
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Bio: My life started out with a clean slate. Then one experienced changed my life forever. I had a dream that i was a small child, as this small child i lived in a town nestled amongst the hills of a distant town. There i was playing in the fountains with all these other children. Then the sky turned crimson red and out came these winged demons of darkness and took us children away and set a blaze one of the houses. I was taken to an old mine, there we were kept in cages, like animals. One by one we were led out of the cage and we hear screaming, then nothing. I was the last to go, i was shackled with manacles. There i was wheeled into a big area with a pale skinny man in torn black clothing. Dark green energies coiled around him went into me causing me to turn into the living undead. I could feel my bones ripping and reforming, my flesh and muscles melting. It was excruciating. I had this dream when i was 8 and i remember it like i dreamed it last night. From then on i vowed that i would help those who needed it and never let a force of darkness lay its grasp on my soul. Since then i have found friends both spiritual and physical who have helped me to be who i am today. I went to look into the druid's, then to Solomon, i even looked into Enochian magic. I have gained spiritual guides and a guardian angel named Alazar . I pray that i shall grow stronger with magical energy. From all my past lives i know this is what i am meant to do. I pray that i find that spark that alights my own inner fire. I also pray that i will make more friends for ages to come.

Thank you for reading all this i know i am a little long winded. Thank you and Namasta, By the way my name is Scott but you can call me Talon or Orca if you prefer. Now i am trying to go into the Seax-Wica denomination of Withcraft. Blessed be!

Spells I have created: (since i can't post them they will be here if you desire seeing them)

Double Barrier Protection Spell : Warning I was just informed that this spell has binded someone powers, i feel terrible that something like this has acured, please avoid these spell as it is apparently dangerous. This spell has been taken down temporarily until i can fix it and it won't cause harm to anyone. My appologies once again for posting something this wreckless and i hope it didn't hurt anyone.

*Note when i said fire from the sun i meant taking a magnifying glass and focusing the sun's rays and light something on fire like you would with an ant if you were synical. I wasn't roleplaying, i was taking sience in fancy terms. I ask for forgiveness for not being clearer and i pray for ever loving peace for you all.*


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