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Name: Succession
Birthday: Jun 10 1997
Location: Whitby Ontario
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 15 Apr 2012

Membership: Member

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Information for the hasty

My name is Aliya Jackie Sharon Colleen Nosworthy. I'm single , and throughly missing falling asleep with a man on my mind . I am fourteen years old, and I follow Celtic Paganism and Druidry . I live in Whitby, Ontario with my quintessentially quirky family of three. I enjoy tending to my garden because it brings me closer to the forces of nature which we are all so intertwined in. I absolutely adore sewing because it occupies the hands and eyes, yet leaves the mouth free for conversation and the mind free to wander. I have a love of small clustered flowers such as baby's breath, Japanese spirea, kalanchoe blossfeldiana, and my personal favorite, amaranth . No color is better than another, and one color cannot manifest itself without another, but my favorite color is orange . Orange reminds me of summer sunsets, gingham kitchen aprons slightly dusted with flour, and marmalade on toast. It is the color of the fire within, the ever-burning passion and exuberance that our subconscious emits. Tea is also one of my greatest pleasures on this earth. Vanilla chai every morning at quarter to seven!

Things you should know about me

Is an aspiring botanist

Is a Gemini

Is an Ox

Gemstone is pearl (though, it's more of a product of mineral isolation and amplification)

Favorite Gemstone is Carnellian

Element is Air

Likes Parapsychology (telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnation and apparitional experiences)

Studies the healing properties of botanicals

Is an Empath

Animal Spirits: Brother Coyote , and Sister Crow

My Goddess is The Morrigan of soverginity, God is Taranis of thunder

Loves to Sing

Loves to write more than anything

Loves Nature

Loves listening to Music ( heavy metal and death metal, mostly)

Is a major video game jockey. (Fallout, Fear, Call of Duty, and so much more!)

Birthday is June Tenth .

I practice Tang Soo Do and Veit Vo Dao so , don't tread on me! (metallica reference)

My profile picture

A picture taken by my dad's apprentice, Adam .


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