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Name: Alexanton5
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Right, so about me... Well im currently at college studying maths, biology, chemistry, german and critical thinking! interesting subjects but perhaps not the highlight of my day haha! Mundane life over moving onto the magicKal ;) i started learning about spiritual stuff when i was young because my mum had a deep interest in tarot and crystals although sad enough not any more ! My aunty's job is where she does readings for people and she helps heal through reiki, and that sorta thing! i was so used to this way of life that i claimed when i was younger that i wanted to be a medium :D however i kind of just forgot about this stuff until two years ago when i went to my mates house and he told me he was wiccan and showed me his room which had his altar, magickal tools , everything to do with magick was in there!! I was really intrigued about it all unlike other events where he told me that he showed his friend and they ran off and never spoke to him again :/ anyways back to me who as you may be aware gets carried away with the moment! He showed me his tools , we burnt incense in his cauldron , did numerology on our names , did tarot readings, bit of a love story for me i suppose maybe not for him :) so after that i tried every way possible to find out more about wicca and withcraft, i searched the internet found some sites and wrote down everything i thought was useful and i went to the library borrowed some books one of which was wicca for dummies. Possibly not the most advanced book on esoterical knowledge going but as a beginners guide it was excellent , i definitely wouldn't judge that book by its cover!! I also found magicka school online took the wicca for beginners course and tarot for beginners, i found witchschool , went on youtube watched videos on everything from a ritual to video blogs about how people feel about their path! Spoke to people on witchvox and yeh everything and anything i can study for the last two years , in a years time i will move out and start practiaing the craft as my mum called it wrong and dangerous and is not accepting even though she used to practise a little bit of it :( ive also found my own personal space in a massive park, its a BIG tree where the leaves come down to the floor all arounnd you when youre inside and on the floor i have crafted a pentagram in the soil :) (its about 2 metres in diameter) so thats basically everything about me a bit long winded but as a witch/wiccan youve gotta love the wind.


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