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Name: xyracrystal
Birthday: Jan 20
Location: Far With The Voices Of My Souls
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Mar 2013

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I was born the first Powercrystal in the entire universe, the second is my good friend named Dark. We are the King and Queen of Fire, Shallow, Shadows and ruler of all sky

I believe in anything out there, anything you tell me i would believe you. I'm also a listener, if you have problems with anything and feel like talking i'm the girl to go to.

Need help with magic I'm the person to ask; I'm also inventing my own type of magic out of my dad's home.

People don't seem to understand what you go through but me (Xyra) does; never will I judge a person. People that judge just have nothing else to live for.

As of for now on, there are no rules, no bosses; no masters. Just me your guide. Your savor, your listener. Never will I not have time to here you speak; to hear the voice that cries. Never will I never be here for my loved ones.

You guys must know by now the way I've been feeling, knowing that I can't save everyone and you guys can't think of me as that. But I won't stop saving people until it kills me. To all my children; I give you faith; hope and most importantly... I GIVE YOU MY LOVE!

What's mine is yours, I give away my heart to fill your sorrow, to leave nothing but power deep inside of you.

I speak for the earth when I say;

The true peace is at death; but the true love is at your arms.

My life is about saving the ones that need special attention.

The ones who hasn't seen how great life is, not the bad side of it.

The kids out there who don't even know what their parents look like.

The parents who beat their loved ones for no purpose at all.

The teen that just smokes and smokes until they know their dying.

The kid who grows up in the street for not trying in school.

The Special Students who get teased for how they look or act.

The bullies who tease people to show how they are feeling at home.

These people don't try to do these things, people make them become it.


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