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Name: DemonCat1234
Birthday: Oct 31 1996
Location: Fighting my way back into your life
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 15 Apr 2012

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Hi, my name is Raven Blue. Some of you may know my sister,DemonicGirl, which she went to court to change her name to Kendall. Again! Anyways, I'm 15,single,straight,Japanese,and supah awesome! My cat is my familiar, her name is Alice. If you want to be friends,talk,or even meet up, I'm all in!

If you hate Abuse copy this:

I speak to the children with my eyes,

I see the clear water,

Through their eyes,

So light and playful,

Unencumbered by worries,

As life unfolds new promises.

My heart reaches to their smiling faces,

The arms of kindness wrap love and concern around their slight frames,

Keeping them warm,

Keeping them whole,

It is such a shame,

That confusion swirls in clouds of illusion,

Around their tiny faces,

As they look up and wonder,

What is this turmoil,

Is this normal,

Thinking about the words that adults say,

The contradictions they must accept,

This is our way.

Busy lives,

Minds occupied,

They are vacant,

For they know not what they do,

I hear acceptance and rejection in sentence construction,

I feel arrows of pain in the souls destruction,

Frustration and overwhelming feelings,

Restrictions and low ceilings,

Preventing a vision which is the grandest version,

Of who they want to be,

Their eyes are lowered it is darkness they see,

Life burns the innocence from their eyes,

Language is the cloak,

It is a disguise,

For the hopelessness,

The demands,

That tie us to responsibility,

We are not free to enjoy humility,

To hold hands and walk in the sun,

To teach wisdom,

And have some fun,

The children are dragged along in a mould,

That bodes not well for the future,

Parents do their best,

But abuse is not a sutre,

It won't cover the wounds,

They are gaping and septic,

Words can be poisonous and deceptive,

Strangling the potential,

The brightness of a vulnerable soul,

Moulded into a preconceived idea,

Of what is their role,

But they have their own journey,

And yes you can say it is perfect,

Given energy response,

But the mosaic can be changed,

In a positive impulse,

In a moment,

In a decision,

When we take responsibility,

For the shape of the glass,

For the molding of the ceramic,

For the moment of panic,

When fear galvanises our lives,

And transfers to your child,

Curbed and deflected,

Rejected not respected,

Bruised and seduced,

By a culture that is crying,

That is trying,

But cannot lift its head above water,

You will go under if you don't see,

That there is a crisis,

Within you and me.

Can we all win ...

We have the latest technology,

So advanced so smart,

We have motorised vehicles,

No horse and cart,

We got biotechnology,

We manipulate genes,

We know what we're doing,

Don't need no bloody Greens.

We are in control,

So many educated on the planet,

We defined our goals,

In mission statements remnants of military strategy,

We know it all.

But two thirds of humanity,

Are rotting in shanty towns,

Begging for scraps,

Such miserable clowns,

Just extract those resources,

Engineer a PR campaign,

It is horses for courses,

You are not to blame.

We are all one in this world,

Each from parents to child,

We all have the same needs,

You and I,

No-one needs to bleed,

Stained tear drops from the sky,

Brothers and sisters,

Each one holds your fate,

You define who you are,

In response to the empty plate,

So be generous and fill it to the brim,

Embrace your new friends,

So we can all win!


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