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Name: ThornQueen
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Alright, this is really pathetic. I don't know about all the mods, but some of them on this site are egotistical, self-righteous bastards. They do their best to put people down and the minute someone challenges them, that someone gets gagged whether they're breaking a written rule or not. Something seriously needs to be done about this. All I can do at this point is leave a message for anyone who sees it.

So I've got a warning. The majority of spells on this site DO NOT WORK. Why? Because some people are trolls. I'm not saying that to be mean, it's just the truth. The mods here never do their jobs because, and I quote moderator lindacash420, "We would lose more than half of the site content." Oh, really? So you're willing to leave fake stuff here for new people into magic to go read and try and believe in? And then when they come around talking about it, you put them down by calling them "fluffies," making fun of them, and all kinds of other mean things (not limited to gagging). Some of the mods are Wiccans. I thought Wiccans believed in the rule of three and were supposed to be kind to others and help out. Really sets a bad example for those just coming into the Craft, doesn't it? On moderator kts's profile, she says in a list of things, "What if instead of expecting others to treat us better than we treat them we treated others as we would want to be treated." I've harmed no one and I hear she's a very gag happy mod. Just before I was gagged, she and lindacash420 were being rude and derogatory to me. They insulted my age when they know nothing about me.

So my warning is, this is NOT a good website in general. There are plenty of kind, wonderful people here, but if you really want to learn true magic, find some books, look at other websites, or if you must stay on this site, don't get involved too much (especially with the live chat).

P.S. If anyone tries to mail me, I won't be able to reply. If anyone wants to hurt or curse me in a misguided attempt at defending your mod buddies, don't waste your time. Words don't hurt me (not that you can mail me now in the first place) and your petty curses can't do anything to me.


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