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Name: BloodShed
Birthday: Nov 15 1994
Location: Amarillo
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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Those of you if you want, add me on facebook

If you want a coven to join or cant find one, join Black Roses in Blood. or join the group on facebook

Hi I'm Devan. I live in Texas. Ive been doing magic for three years with a teacher of mine, but he passed away. Now I'm looking forward to finding a teacher and learning healing magic, herbs, and probably make some new friends. :D

If you see that my left eye has different color, I have a eye disease. If you see a dog with both blue and brown, that's what I have. Its not a contact in my profile pic

I can teach any type of magic. Even some you never heard of.

I dislike rude and immature people who judges and cant take things seriously

My abilities are being able to tell when someones lying, both body and mind. Able to sense danger or enemies near by. Able to copy someones moves when I'm near an enemy territory and talking to spirits.

Hobbies: ghost hunting, writing stories, drawing things, and playing viola.

Activities: planting, take long walks in the dark, reading and studying, and listening to music.

My thought on magic: I love practicing and studying of the wonders of magic. I highly take this seriously and I love to do challenges.

My god and goddess: Nxy (goddess of night) and Azidahaka (god of witchcraft)

If you have any questions, ill be happy to answer.


Demon's prayer:

When I awake the sleeping giant

When I stare down world, defiant

when I unleash the lethal beast

when I unveil the poisoned feast

When I release the hidden fire

When I collapse the castle spire

When I destroy the depth of dreams

When I find out what dying means

When I discover worthless gain

When pestilence will fall like rain

when once again the world will die

when with our sorrows, God will cry

When leader join the black parade

when Satan leads the lord's crusade

When thirst is quenched with cutting ice

When golden death shall man entice

When twice and once ourselves have warned

when twice and once ourselves have mourned

when sacred death brings sweet relief

When shattered souls bring no more grief

When slumber comes like crashing waves

When kings are no longer strong than slaves

When avarice shall men control

when you say farewell to your soul

When all these things come to pass

All my work is done at last.


if you want to learn how to do magic, ask me on facebook or here . if not then dont wastes my time


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