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Name: KoashiteUshi
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Last Seen: Mon, 04 Mar 2013

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(Students go below) I am no Karakuri, and I dance to my own tune. Be as you are, be what you are, but if you hurt people, you'll know why I'm Koashite. -kekes- And I believe magic can do anything, I'm open minded so say whatever youd like, I can be mischevous. -watches your jaw drop- Seriously I can! Email me, I love talking, no just 'Hi' please. I specialize in thoughtforms and some healing. I have an extensive vocabulary and prefer to 'kill the problem at the source' so prepare if you must. You bite me, you loose a limb (or get fruitcaked) I generally dislike people. I may not be able to fight very well, but I'm learning by myself, and I'm fairly smart. I'm best at influencing situations from a distance and I LOVE dragons.


"Give them every possibility, to be as god or as human, even both. All beings have the right to life and to be as limitless as they choose."

"Love is War."

"Run with me?"

My Own:

"I never forget promises or harm those who need not be. You are a disgrace for even thinking I would."


"Rule 1: Live, Rule 2: Stay strong, Rule 3: Rebel. Even if you are beaten down, pick yourself the heck up. You are important because you exist, so exist with every fiber of yourself. If you need a reason find one. Then even if they torture you, you must not give up or give in. Even thinking of bending is stupid. After that, you fight back. Stay smart and know that even if you die, you go out kicking and screaming"

"I smile because I'm happy. I'm so happy because everyone else is."

"I'm not an emotionally stunted freak, I'm different and when you get smart enough to see that different is good- Well youll probably be dead by then."


First of all welcome. Now I'm not only here to provide instructional support, but emotional as well. Clearly inoppropriate people will be blocked. If I don't know something, I'll find out about it for you. Instruction is free and I won't judge you. I crave students, so go a head and ask.

Lets stand for this fight

Let this journey never end

Because I feel my heart would break if it did

The squables in the early hours

The pranks, the laughter

I never want it to end

My comrades in battle, those who fight by my side

Do you realize yet that this is the only way we know how to live?

On this path, life and death walk hand in hand

On this way, we can only advance

'Peace' makes us irritable, the longing to strech into a good fight is unmistakable

Some would say we're monsters

Others would say that you and I are heros

I just want this joy to never end

Even if it means to kill, or even to die I still want to brandish this weapon and stand by you all.


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