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Name: BlackRose2
Location: jonesboro,ga
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 27 May 2012


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Hello my name is Black Rose, I am the high priestess of the coven The Fellowahip of the Rose. I have practiced wicca for seven years and i specialize in candle magick and herbal magick.

My motto is "Your Grievance Shall be Avenged"

I help people in need of spells done on their behalf. I truely believe that anyone can change for the better with guidence.

The army of me

I seem to find love in all of the wrong places. When i met you i was young and naive not knowing myself more than i knew you. I was hypnotized by your eyes and pretty words not knowing that you were a suicide bomber attacking me. You slowly destroyed me like a cancer spreading across my body, your sick words mixed with i love yous broke me. You would always say "Baby i love you but you could be a little thinner" So like a stupid child i attacked my curves with kitchen knives cause i could never seem to fit into the perfect sized zero of your dreams. I hit and abused me until i was nothing but a battered women. And you would show me pictures in magazines as if i could some how magically turn myself into one of them. I would lay in bed wondering why i could never become the women you wanted me to be. I gave you my heart on a platter made of gold and you threw it away like it was something you found in a junk yard. You chopped me into pieces and set me ablaze i guess i was nothing more than something to warm your bed at night. But I am older now and much wiser than I was yesterday and like a phoenix i will rise from those ashes and you will meet with the mighty force of the army of me. Cause I am mightier than any tsunami that ever hit japan. I am more powerful than you could ever imagine. And if i am ever misfortune enough to see you again I will forgive you for all the things you done to me not for you but for me.


Amanda Brownridge age 14

Kelly Farrar age 13

James Lambeth age 16

Martin Harvey age 11

Lets take the time to acknowledge unsung heroes. Their lives like hour glass running out before their time. They hid behind false smiles and happy lies but can never seem to hid away from the sadness that creeps upon them like shadows. They dream loosely like shoe lasses that have been left undone. And because the world is nothing but a hamster wheel that keeps turning we run and run trying to get somewhere but going nowhere. They tell us this is how life is so deal with it. But can't you understand that some of us have been dealing with for too long. Now we are a bundle of TNT that as been lit on both ends and are ready to exploded. Cause we are one line away from ending it all and the only difference between a life and casket is a phone call saying i love you.For the parent and the teacher who chose to ignore you. Their cries scream louder from beyond the grave than it ever did while they were here. We have an epidemic on our hand and its called bullycide.So don't tell me bullying is just life cause i believe no one ever has to know what it feels like to know that your breathing but not feeling alive. To hiding in a corner of a hallway to get away from their teasing and lies. To cutting yourself cause you want to feel alive. Don't hold my head under water and tell me to breath deeply. I hid the scars on my wrist cause i never wanted anyone to know that i have already given up on this life. But life is not a dildo so you are going to have to come harder than that. So next time you tell someone to suck it up maybe you should think cause you never know who you just help with their suicide.


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