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Name: Karin_Zeroki
Birthday: Oct 24 1992
Location: The Ruined City Of Dreams
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 09 Apr 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi my name is Adam

AGE: 19

My Wicca: Solitary Wolf - You are somewhat of a loner, choosing to practice by yourself rather than with a coven. You have slowly developed your craft through resources such as books and the internet, and you are rather confident with your abilities. You enjoy meditation and rituals, as they allow you to focus on your inner self and communicate with the Gods while strengthening your mind. You are most likely a very nice person despite your quirks.

(Found out on Quizilla).

My Gardian Animal: Black wolf

(Found out on Gardian Animal)


Some Omens for you!!

BUTTERFLY.?In your room means great pleasure and success, but you must not catch it, or the luck will change.

CANDLE.?A spark on the wick of a candle means a letter for the one who first sees it. A big glow like a parcel means money coming to you.

CAT.?Black cat to come to your house means difficulties caused by treachery. Drive it away and avoid trouble.

CHAIN.?If your chain breaks while on you means disappointments or a broken engagement of marriage.

CLOVER.?To find a four-leaf clover means luck to you, happiness and prosperity.

DEATH-WATCH.?A clicking in the wall by this little insect is regarded as evil, but it does not necessarily mean a death; possibly only some sickness.

HORSESHOE.?To find one means it will bring you luck.

MAGPIES.?One, bad luck; two, good luck; three, a wedding; four, a birth.

MAY.?"Marry in May, and you'll rue the day."

OWLS are evil omens. Continuous hooting of owls in your trees is said to be one of ill-health.

RAT.?A rat running in front of you means treacherous servants and losses through enemies.

RAVEN.?To see one, means death to the aged or trouble generally.


If you can think of any more Omens tell so i can put them up PLZ.

any questions Message me.

Add me as a friend too if you want :)


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