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Name: sonnytofly
Birthday: Jul 9 1994
Location: some where in the middle of no where
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 28 Mar 2012


Membership: Member

Personal Bio
what i got gagged for saying wus instead of was

real name will not give to a stranger

nickname's only friends no them

age 17

birthday 7/09/1994

skill in the arts) practicing for over half a year

my sun sign is cancer

my moon sign is also cancer

my social sign is gemini

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Score: How to rate your points in brief

Telepathy 0-3 Poor 4-6 Good 7-10 Excellent

Clairvoyance 0-3 Average 4-5 Good 6+ Exceptional

Psychokinesis 0-5 Average 6-8 Good 9+ Amazing

Precognition 0-3 Poor 4-7 Good 8-10 Excellent

Channeling 0-3 Poor 4-7 Very Good 8-10 Talented

control/stability 0-3 poor 4-6 vary good 7+ master


Psi Q test results ? your score out of ten.

Telepathy/Empathy 09

Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing 09

Psychokinesis 05

Precognition 10

Channeling 08

control/stability 03


Telepathy and Empathy Communication directly from one person's mind to another without speech or other signs and understanding extrasensory perception, exploring your sixth sense. The ability to identify with and understand someone's feelings or difficulties.

Clairvoyance & Remote viewing The ability to gain information about objects, people, or physical events through means beyond the five senses and the ability to get information about a distant or unseen target using extra sensory perception.

Psychokinesis and Psychometry The ability to use mental powers to make objects move or to otherwise affect them and the ability to read information about another person's personal belongings by holding their items.

Precognition Means to get to know something before it happens, referring to the ability to see something before it physically occurs,

Channeling and Mediumship The ability to make a channel or means of communication or expression to someone outside normal areas. Making contact with those in the spirit world and relating messages

control/stability over all control of your psychic powers in general

---------------------------------------------------------------------- original poster of this explation is AstralAzz as far as i know and editing done by i don't know


to see how your chi is doing go to this site

Root: open (50%)

Sacral: under-active (0%)

Navel: open (31%)

Heart: open (25%)

Throat: open (31%)

Third Eye: open (19%)

Crown: open (50%)


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