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Name: wisp
Location: Nevada
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 19 Jan 2013


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I started out with meditation and thought forms. Magick only seemed like the next logical step. I've had several successful castings thus far and have recently just finished writing my first spell! (Yay me XD)

If I had to define what I seek to acomplish with magick in a title, I suppose sorcerer would fit fairly easily. I seek to better my life and the lives of those around me to strengthen our world community and our species as a whole. To me, there are no good or evil actions. Only intensions fall under those categories. Actions to me are defined as creative, neutral, or destructive; neither is evil or good in any regard. However, the intent behind the action is what defines its morality. That being said, I'm not a sociopath who intends to hex every mom and pop that looks at me funny in the local Arbys, but much like how a wolf must kill to strengthen its pack; if the reality of a situation tells me that good people will prosper from your demise, or if you hurt those I love, then you are not long for this world. Enough grim stuff! Phew! It was getting dark up in this peice. Lol I love ska, reggae, and emo music (quit judging me xp). An aside from learning the mysteries of the universe: singing, writing, and reading are my greatest passions.

By the way, I'm sure this may ruffle some feathers, but my preferred catylast for magic is blood. However, I don't always use it, and never use it lightly.

Sacred geometry interests me immensely as well. Its a shame I know so little about it right now, but one cool thing about being human is that.your always learning and growing.

I have to do all of my posting on a Kindle Fire, and the auto correct is a nazi so if you see any misused verbiage, blame Amazon XD.

Acroding to my chakra test, I'm an outspoken crazy.

Root: under-active (-56%)

Sacral: open (19%)

Navel: open (56%)

Heart: open (44%)

Throat: over-active (100%)

Third Eye: over-active (69%)

Crown: open (44%)

Something else has come to my attention recently. There are way too many roleplayers on this site. If you contact me, please be a serious practitioner, or I will report you. Im not doing this to be a jerk. This is a serious site. There are plenty of other places to express your creativity.

Recently revived my Lvl 1 Reiki attunment. Good stuff.

Nyx is my patron. She is kind, solitary, and deadly.

My favorite number is 72. The number of the earth.

Blessings of the Night Mother upon you.


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