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Name: ChiEater
Last Seen: Sat, 07 Apr 2012

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i believe EVERY word that is written here and if i am charged with roleplaying then KNOW that i will keep returning.

Where to begin. Let's see, i have never done spell work beyond what was asked of me by my ex-husband, and being the "obedient" wife that i was at the time, i didn't question the risk or the consequence. Needless to say i felt Her full wrath. The "spell" in question was called "Invocation of Lilith" and those of you in the know, will know that it was folly on my part for even attempting such a reckless spell. i have moved on since then. i am here to learn, i make no claims of being able to do anything. i have only my willingness and open minded nature to bring to the table. Although others seem to think that my ability to read people, astral project and manipulate energy are worth something, i honestly don't see it that way. my vampiric nature is what has me shunned in most sites like this and i will reserve my opinion until i can see how i am treated here.

yes i am sanguinary

yes i am an energy feeder or what most people in my community call Psi

NO, i do not roleplay

if you want to believe that i do, so be it, i don't need your approval. i have been living with this "condition" longer than most of you have been alive.

Members of my community include:

the Esteemed Michelle Belanger (former psychic on the show Paranormal State), you have quite a few of her books in your shop here . ((if i am roleplaying and members of my community are roleplaying then why do you condone having her books in your shop? answer that please.))

Belfazaar Ashantison part of a web series called vampires (here is the link if you are open minded enough to watch: he also owns a store in New Orleans called Voodoo Authentica.

i knew coming here would be both a blessing and a mistake, but i am still here and until one of you in your "infinite wisdom" (sarcasm) decides to purge me................

I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it would seem that i can no longer reply to anyone who messages me in my mail box. that is unfortunate but not a deterrent, if you were in the chatroom and you would like to address me personally, i invite you to do that here, message me to my inbox and i will reply ON MY BIO, so that we can clear up ANY misconceptions any of us have.

thank you,


Letters from people on my former profile:

hello Sarafiel,

Thank you for sending me that message, i won't, out of courtesy mention the name that you gave to me, but i will say that i am more than willing to educate ANYONE on what being vampiric is like from my own and from other peoples perspectives, i have many resources that i can give to individuals who have a sincere desire to learn and open their minds about these conditions.

hello andruid ,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, i don't profess to know everything and i know my own limitations, but what i can assure you and most other people is that i do not roleplay and my life is grounded in reality and a sincere desire to help others learn and grow and appreciate their uniqueness.

hello SBN ,

Thank you for your words of encouragement as well and rest assured, little children ON or OFF this site have never managed to silence me and i am here to learn as well as teach what i can, there are too many closed minded pagans / wiccans on THIS and many other sites and i am here to CHIP AT THE WALLS OF RESISTANCE by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE and the more people i have who are willing to back me up, the more i will stand tall and proud and strong in my convictions.

Letter to a VAMPIRIC Coven ON THIS SITE:

Dear Emeraldcrow,

Because i have been silenced on this site due to the fact that a moderator believed that all things vampiric are roleplaying, i have to reply to you HERE,

i wish to be part of your group, Vampiric Elegance (i find the irony of this group existing on this site quite HUMOROUS, but i is your questionaire, filled out in my bio):

Age: 39

Number of years practicing magic or a Pagan religion: off and on for 20+ years

Why are you interested in joining Vampiric Elegance: i am both sanguinary and psi and i believe i can make a valid and worthwhile contribution to your group.

Do you claim to be a vampire or other type of Kindred? If so, what gives you grounds to make this claim: i have no biological claims that i can make supporting why i feel i need blood, but i can say that beyond medical testing and beyond any medications that i have taken, when i ingest blood products my health and well-being are improved. when i take in elemental, pranic and other types of energy, my health is also improved and i have greater clarity of mind as well heightened empathic abilities after feeding.

What can you offer Vampiric Elegance: i can offer a willingness to both teach (from my own personal experiences) and learn with an equally open mind.

What do you hope to gain from being a member of Vampiric Elegance, if accepted: i hope to enrich and be enriched within a group of like minded kin and possibly expand my knowledge while opening more peoples eyes up to the realities of "our" lives.

If granted membership, are you able to be an active member within the forums of this coven: yes

Do you have a Personal Bio and a Default Picture? If no, do this now: please read above

Gagging me will not stop me from writing on my page here. children, children, children......What can i say? i'll just have to join every group on this site to make every member and every moderator COME TO THIS PAGE and read everything that i have written here. If i have any more dreams, I DO NOT NEED THE FORUM TO TELL THEM, i have this space and as long as i can alter my bio, i will keep adding more and more words for people to read, so your gag is pointless.

This is the letter that i have written to the moderator who has banned and gagged me, i thought i would share it here:

Hello XXXXXXXXXXXXX, (name withheld to protect their identity)

i have been relishing writing to you since you banned me from the chat in Spells of Magic and gagged me from writing anywhere except on my profile (which can just as easily be read by everyone and i have taken advantage of that by replying to everyone who has written me a note in support of my views and my NON-roleplaying nature).

at any rate i am here to share with you a few sites that will teach you what it means to be vampiric from a non-roleplaying perspective OR to give you a list which you will likely block because you don't want to learn anything which i could teach you.

Here is a list of sites that will open your mind (or close it even further.....but i will have done my job at trying to convince you either way):

the last on the list is an author that you have in the shop on your site, if you feel that she is roleplaying, then please, don't hesitate to remove her books from your database.

i hope i have helped you clarify things in your mind.


Here is a link to the 6 books that a moderator in this site THINKS pertains to roleplaying:

Feel free to research those books, or if you want to stay closed minded, delete them, by all means. i guarantee that Ms. Belanger will want to speak to someone in here about that though.


When choosing a donor (and no i do not just TAKE energy or blood from any some of you would to so is morally reprehensible and against MY code of conduct) these are the guidelines that i live by:


This is an important read for anyone who wants to become a donor, as well as for Sanguinarians and Pranalarians to re-commit themselves to their Donors.

With permission from and as written by Belfazaar Ashantison (Founding member of NOVA, Founder and Elder of the House of Mystic Echoes, Esteemed member of the VVC - Voices of the Vampire Community and Founder/Owner of Donor_Sanctuary, a Yahoo Group to inform donors and real vampires alike of the safety issues involved with and for a donor/vampire relationship) with a supporting cast of good friends, Demoness Barbie, Maggie Bones, Spooky and his beautiful Des

This Bill of Rights is to promote the continued safety of the most precious of gifts to us, their life essence. It is suggested that this be signed by both the vampire and the donor on a 30/60/90 day trial basis. After this, the contract can be resigned for an extended period of time which can be either the 30/60/90/ or 6 months to 1 year. At the end of these contracts, discussions can be made as to whether or not changes should be done. What will be allowed and what will not be allowed.

1) As a donor, I know that it is through my personal sacrifice that the vampires needs are met. It is my loving nature that allows this relationship to continue. It is my right to decline to feed the vampire for any reason.

2) As a donor to a vampiric being, it is my right to know that I am in a vampiric/donor relationship that will be mutually beneficial to both me and the vampire I am donating my life essence to.

3) I am the essence provider. It is for me to decide whether or not I am able to give of my essence to the vampire I am with. I must be allotted time to heal and regain my essence in order to better support my vampiric partner.

4) At no time should my wounds not be allowed to heal.

5) At no time should I feel stressed about giving of my essence, if at any time I feel stressed, I have the right to back away from the feed, without being or feeling threatened by my vampiric partner.

6) Should I feel threatened in any way, shape or form, I have the right to seek guidance and council from other donors and leaders of the vampire community.

7) As a donor to a vampiric individual, I have the right to know that my position as lover, friend, family, roommate should not be jeopardized by my not wanting to give of my essence. In the slang, "it should not cost me my ass to be a donor."

8) As a donor, I should also respect the needs of the vampire and try to learn more about his/her feeding habits in order to help stabilize his/her imbalances in energy.

9) As a donor in a vampire/donor relationship, I realize that though I have many necessary rights, I must also take cares not to abuse the person I am donating my essence to. These same rights afforded me in this Bill of Rights should also be extended to the vampire I am donating too.

10) Ultimately it is my right to know that I will be safe in all aspects of the vampiric/donor relationship and should I ever feel that my safety is jeopardized, I have the right to walk away clear and free.

Ultimately, it is our (both the donor and the vampire) responsibility to insure that we are not abused. It is our (both the donor and the vampire) personal responsibility to leave a vampire/donor relationship that we feel is abusive in any nature. We can not be abused unless we allow ourselves to be.


THE BLACK VEIL (part of the code of conduct by which i live my nightside life):


Our paths are many, even though the journey we are on is essentially the same. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect everyone's personal views and practices. We cannot let petty differences of ideology prevent us from maintaining a unified community; there are enough who would attack us from the outside.

Our diversity is our strength. Let our differences in viewpoint enrich us but never divide us amongst ourselves.


Use sense when indulging your nature. Do not flaunt what you are in public places. Feed in private and make certain your donors will be discrete about what happens between you. Donors who create rumors and gossip about us are more harm than they're worth. If you engage in blood-letting, put safety and caution above all other things. Blood-born diseases are a very real thing, and we cannot risk endangering ourselves or others through irresponsibility. Screen donors carefully, making certain they are in good health both mentally and physically.

Never overindulge or get careless. The safety of the entire community rests upon each member's caution.


We cannot and should not deny the darkness within. Yet we should not allow it to control us. If our beast or shadow or darkside is given too much sway, it clouds our judgement, making us a danger even to those we love. Never indulge in pointless violence. Never bring willful harm to those who sustain you. Never feed only for the sake of feeding, and never give over to mindless bloodlust.

We are not monsters: we are capable of rational thought and self-control. Celebrate the darkness and let it empower you, but never let it enslave your will.


Live your life as an example to others in the community. We are privileged to be what we are, but power should be accompanied by responsibility and dignity. Explore and make use of your vampire nature, but keep it in balance with material demands. Remember: we may be vampires, but we are still a part of this world. We must live lives like everyone else here: holding jobs, keeping homes, and getting along with our neighbors.

Being what we are is not an excuse to not participate in this reality. Rather, it is an obligation to make it a better place for us to be.


We are, all of us, a family, and like all families, various members will not always get along. However, respect the greater community when having your disputes. Do not let your individual problems bring emotional strife to the family as a whole. Settle your differences quietly among one another, only seeking out an elder's aid in mediation when no other solution seems possible. Never bring your private disputes into public places and never draw other family members into the issue by forcing them to take sides.

Like any normal family, we should always make an effort to present a stable and unified face to the rest of the world even when things are not perfect between us.


Our havens are safeplaces where everyone in the community can come to socialize. There are also often public places where we are likely to encounter people who don't understand our ways. We should respect the patrons of these places as we should also respect the owners of the establishments and always be discrete in our behavior. We should never bring private disputes into a haven. We should never initiate violence in a haven. And we should never do or bring anything illegal into a haven, as this reflects badly upon the community as a whole.

The haven is the hub of the whole community, and we should respect it as such, supporting it without business and working to improve its name in the community so that we can always call it home.


The community is extensive and diverse. Every city has a different way of doing things, and a different hierarchy of rule. When entering a new city, you should familiarize yourself with the local community. Seek out the local havens. Learn what households have sway here. Get in touch with key members of the community, learn who is who, and show proper respect where it is due. You should not expect to impose your old way of doing things on this new community. Rather you should adapt to their rules and be glad of their acceptance.

Always be on your best behavior when coming to a new city either to visit or to stay. We are all cautious and territorial by nature, and only by making the most positive impression possible will you be accepted and respected in a new community.


This lifestyle is not for everyone. Take care in who you choose to bring into it. Those who are mentally or emotionally unstable have no place among us. They are dangerous and unreliable and may betray us in the future. Make certain that those you choose to bring in are mature enough for this burden. Teach them control and discretion, and make certain that they respect our ways.

You will be responsible for their actions, and their behavior in the community will be reflected back to you.


There are certain members of our community who have established themselves as just and responsible leaders. These are the people who helped establish local communities, who organize havens, and who work to coordinate the networking of our culture. While their word does not have to be law, they should nevertheless be respected. They have greater experience than many others, and usually greater wisdom. Seek these elders out to settle your disputes, to give you guidance and instruction, and to help you establish yourself in the local community.

Appreciate the elders for all they have given you: if it was not for their dedication, the community would not exist as it does now.


Without those who offer themselves body and soul to us, we would be nothing. We cannot be other than what we are, but it is the donors who sustain our nature. For this service, they should be respected. Never mistreat your donors, physically or emotionally. They are not to be manipulated or leeched off of for more than what they freely offer. Never take them for granted. Appreciate them for the companionship and acceptance which they offer us, which so many others would refuse. This above all: appreciate the gift of their life. That communion is sacred. Never fail to treat it as such.


When you choose to take a position of authority in the community, remember that you do not lead for yourself alone. Leadership is a responsibility, not a privilege. A good leader must set an example for everyone through his actions and behavior. His motives should be selfless and pure, and he should put the interests of the whole community before his own.

The best leaders are those who serve to better the community and whose person and behavior gives no one -- even those outside of the community -- a reason to criticize them. They must strive to be above reproach.


Being a vampire is not just about feeding upon life. That is what we do, but not necessarily what we are. It is our place to represent darkness in a world blinded by light. We are about being different and accepting that difference as something that empowers us and makes us unique. We are about accepting the dark within ourselves and embracing that darkness to make us whole beings. We are about celebrating the thresholds: body and spirit, pleasure and pain, death and life.

Our lives should be lived as a message to the world about the beauty of accepting the whole self, of living without guilt and without shame, and celebrating the unique and beautiful essence of every single soul.


Do you think that we choose this way of life? We have about as much choice in this as a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Trans person does when it comes to their "preferences" in life. We are born this way, we will not be "cured" nor would we ask for a cure. Like it or not, it forms part of the basis of who and what we are.

It would be nice if i could reply and/or defend myself on this post: ( This topic has now been deleted and no issue has been resolved yet and i will NOT let it rest)


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