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Name: Darkcrow2
Birthday: Jul 11 1993
Location: (In The Dark Shadows With Thou Cows)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 15 Aug 2012


Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am the one they call Darkcrow.I use to be a member of this site, thou many things came to past which is why I havent been on here.Many of you know me and many of you dont.I study the arts of black and gray magic.I am vampire/crow.For those of you who do not understand what I mean by vampire/crow,ima let you be dumb and not understand that then,because it's must not meant for you to understand so get off my page.For those who do understand keep reading.I do not follow the path of the pagan, or gods/goddess path of witchcraft not saying its not true or real.But what I am saying is I follow the path of Darkcrows.The path of the darkness within.The path of strangland.The path of blood red sky.There are many more.I also came here to join a coven.A coven I knows that want forsake me for what I believe in.A coven that will not misjudge me thou I know we will have our down times, because my brothers and sisters,what is our good times with out our down times.We shall rise again and when we do.We shall avenge.Werewolfs-Dont think I have a problem with you because i dont.I have a brother on this site when i was back on it back in 2000.He was called Blue Wolf.A brother i truelly do miss.I was awakened by Jothewiccan-My mentor who taught me everything i needed to know.The first to actually sit down and explain to me what was important and everything thats not.The second was Luciue Elizabeh Lovato, They were my family unto me until I left the coven.They were the only family I ever had.They showed me many dark paths down along the way.I do not give out there information for it is private.Only those who know of the coven knows of the way of which they follow.For they shall Always have a place of thy home.The third is Aryzel, an old flower who left Lucies coven also but they both were also sisters and very close.There is not much more to discuss about myself.If you wish to Know more pm about me and thou questions shall be reviled.

Dark Blessings upon us all....



(A Story Left Untold)

Standing alone in the shadows

Restless leaves blowing gently at my feet

Under the pale moon?s light, a fair-haired beauty comes on by

Unaware my presence standing near

The tantalizing scent of her sweet perfume

Wafts softly on the summer breeze

Quickens my icy blood with anticipation

Silently I move to her, she looks at me as if surprised

A smile plays on my lips, she begins to hasten her step.

I smell her sudden fear, and unable to bear no more

I reach out with my cold white hands to take her

Away from the road she traveled on

It is so pointless to struggle my dear!

Her cries fill me with such delight I can barely contain myself

I incline my head for her last kiss that is mine alone

Oh those sweet lips that taste of wine!

My tongue colder than ice itself follows the line of her jaw

I find her neck, and she trembles in terror

Sharp white teeth descend into her skin

Her body growing limp in my embrace

I feel her blood searing through my veins

Sending ripples of pleasure into my body

Her beauty slowly fades as Death lends his hand

I drink my fill, lowering her to the ground

I look up with her blood so red dripping slowly from my lips

The rosy hue of dawn approaches!

Time has come to me to slumber deep

That is till the next little beauty comes along

Such is the life of a vampire

But that is a tale better left untold.



(On Sacred Ground)

I stray onto sacred ground

The resting place of souls bygone.

Solace is what I seek,

But there is no solace

No succor to be found

Not here among broken, fallen stones.

Nor bent, wilting trees.

I search for you under the moon

Thoughts of you race through my mind

Feelings better left unspoken.

This was our place

The fertile earth from which the black rose of our love took seed.

We exchanged blood amidst these graves.

Transfused our darkest thoughts and dreams.

It is here too that our love died.

A fitting place for something that is no more.


(The Object Before Me)

I lie awake in my bed

Covered in sweat

A dripping cold sweat that cascades slowly down the surface of my pale skin.

I stare blankly at the sharpened blade before me

Gently, even lovingly, caressing the handle,

running my gothic fingers over its cutting edge.

The sky is especially black this evening

It makes me happy.

From the dwelling next door I hear laughter.

A vapid, perfunctory cackle that fills me with rage.

My morbid seclusion is affronted by such frivolity.

Again I stare at the blade

An object of ritual with

a grand, malevolent air.

It is beautiful.

I gently raise the knife so that it is held before my eyes.

It shall be consecrated in blood

As I am wont to do.


(Our Gothic Journey)

Let us walk this evening

Together we two

And embark on a journey which can do no good.

Cutting through the mist of foggy moorland

Stepping over peat and marsh,

we walk into the deadest of night.

We are not occult figures.


Our pale, ashen skins light the way against a darkened sky

The fog grows dense

We are overcome by a sudden strangeness.

An impending gloom that rises

like a carefully graduated crescendo.

We know that something evil is in the distance.

Our nighttime journey has taken us far,

too far in fact as we come upon a wood,

a thick wood of beech and oak.

Without a moment's respite we hear footsteps.

They grow steadily louder as someone, or something, draws nigh.

Emerging from the distance is a man on a steed

A black horse of splendid bearing.

The fellow is clad in dark cape and

Victorian top hat turned up slightly at the brim.

His lips are an unusual shade of crimson,

painted on like a splattering of blood.

Lucy and I hold one another tightly.

Two Goths without fear of the night

trembling at this sinister presence.

The stranger stands before us.

He offers no salutation nor reason for his approach.

Gently, almost pleadingly, he takes Lucy by the hand

which he kisses in the most delicate manner.

She is mesmerized by the man, as if in a trance.

The gentleman speaks his first words,

telling her it is time to go.

Acquiescing to his genteel but firm command,

it is as if this is something she expects,

something it is her duty to abide.

Lucy ascends the horse without objection, without hesitation.

Together they ride off, leaving me alone in the wood

on this deadest of gothic nights.


(Drawing Blood)

Sometimes I draw blood

My own blood

It is a ritual I undertake with the utmost solemnity.

I gently puncture my finger with a pin,

a pin I keep hidden away for just such a purpose.

I squeeze the tip of my affronted digit to control the flow.

Releasing and withholding at will,

letting the scarlet substance seep slowly into a crystal glass.

I admire its consistency,

the richness of its color.

So much is reliant on this stuff which

fuels the imaginings of saints and scoundrels,

and stirs my own hidden passions.

My ritual reaches its denouement

as I consecrate my body in its own blood.

I return it from whence it came

The glass stands empty

I sleep.




Bright Star rising

From the depths unto the heights

Waiting for an age to awaken

To flower

To feel the gentle warmth of summer

To cast forth seed upon the wind

To father young

To raise an army

To crush the enemy under foot

And reclaim that which was stolen.

There will be destruction

And wrath

And a new day.


(The Serpent)

In the day of the

marching Israelites

The power of their god

Failed as he

Could not save them and

Even Moses turned to

Lucifer for succor.

His symbol was

Raised up on standards

And the people were saved.

So shall they be again

But this time

They will understand

The power of



(Magnus Opus)

As I sit in silent meditation, I begin to see,

Serpents journey along the sacred river's chi,

Awaken chakras while the serpents intertwine,

I reach the seventh realm through ivory spine.

Peacock colors vast and wide begin to manifest,

Allows renewal of a soul that's never ready to rest,

Cultivate immortality by merging moon with the sun,

I emerge godhead, soon thy great work shall be done.

Oh my glorious dragon ascending from the darkest Abyss,

Amidst the deepest of voidness where I see your fiery bliss.


(Blackest Flame)

Deep within the withered souls of night,

Comes winds of past winters darkest heights,

Amid the baron misty forest along frozen pines,

Emerges black flame like some sacred relic in time.

Messages from akasha flow as if some wintry powder,

Realizing it was sent by the demons from our lord father.


(Our Creator)

Father Satan is our friend, he always looks out for his own,

Encourages us all to succeed, while keeping gentiles strong.

I've dedicated myself to our great Lord Satan without a doubt,

For he is our true creator God, ignoring those that are without.


(Satan's Return)

As the moment grows closer towards its ends,

Returning from the depth of his eternal existence,

He begins to grow among his army of dark minions,

Purging out those leeches who dared stood against him.

Oh Lord Satan, our true creator, ruler of these earthly planes,

Master of science and the occults, bringer of justice to millions,

We await liberation of Satan's children amidst your Glorious Reign!


(Gentile Spirit)

A lost child, long repressed from being wild,

Afraid to speak out, so as not to be condemned,

Pretends to pray that ends with a redundant amen,

Goat among sheep conceled from the herdish men.

Wiser I learn that lies were truths and truths were lies,

I realize my true God is Lord Satan and Jehovah is a lie.

Destroyed sacred relics that were once our ancestor's pride,

Suppressed ancient knowledge that the Jews continue to hide.

Gentiles of all colors unite, reclaim our pagan ways with might,

Break the chains of pity, and march towards a new Satanic Reich!



(Before Heaven)

After heaven and earth had been separated

and mankind had been created,

after An?um, Enlil and Ereskigal had taken posesssion

of heaven, earth and the underworld;

after Enki had set sail for the underworld

and the sea ebbed and flowed in honor of its lord;

on this day, a huluppu tree

which had been planted on the banks of the Euphrates

and nourished by its waters

was uprooted by the south wind

and carried away by the Euphrates.

A Goddess who was wandering among the banks

siezed the swaying tree

And -- at the behest of Anu and Enlil --

brought it to Inanna's garden in Uruk.

Inanna tended the tree carefully and lovingly

she hoped to have a throne and a bed

made for herself from its wood.

After ten years, the tree had matured.

But in the meantime, she found to her dismay

that her hopes could not be fulfilled.

because during that time

a dragon had built its nest at the foot of the tree

the Zu-bird was raising its young in the crown,

and the demon Lilith had built her house in the middle.[1]

But Gilgamesh, who had heard of Inanna's plight,

came to her rescue.

He took his heavy shield

killed the dragon with his heavy bronze axe,

which weighed seven talents and seven minas.

Then the Zu-bird flew into the mountains

with its young,

while Lilith, petrified with fear,

tore down her house and fled into the wilderness.


(Lilith in the Dead Sea Scrolls)

And I, the Sage,

declare the grandeur of his radiance

in order to frighten and terrify

all the spirits of the ravaging angels

and the bastard spirits,

demons, Liliths, owls and [jackals...]

and those who strike unexpectedly

to lead astray the spirit of knowledge...

Lilith Exorcized on a Persian Bowl

You are bound and sealed,

all you demons and devils and liliths,

by that hard and strong,

mighty and powerful bond with which are tied Sison and Sisin....

The evil Lilith,

who causes the hearts of men to go astray

and appears in the dream of the night

and in the vision of hte day,

Who burns and casts down with nightmare,

attacks and kills children,

boys an girls.

She is conquered and sealed

away from the house

and from the threshold of Bahram-Gushnasp son of Ishtar-Nahid

by the talisman of Metatron,

the great prince

who is called the Great Healer of Mercy....

who vanquishes demons and devils,

black arts and mighty spells

and keeps them away from the house

and threshold of Bahram-Gushnasp, son of Ishtar-Nahid.

Amen, Amen, Selah.

Vanquished are the black arts and mighty spells.

Vanquished the bewitching women,

they, their witchery and their spells,

their curses and their invocations,

and kept away from the four walls

of the house of Bahram-Gushnasp, the son of Ishtar-Hahid.

Vanquished and trampled down are the bewitching women --

vanquished on earth and vanquished in heaven.

Vanquished are their constellations and stars.

Bound are the works of their hands.

Amen, Amen, Selah.


The Dark Love Which Is A Part Of Me

My Flame Queen

(Queen of Fire)

She walked in?

Her eyes an emblazened dare of precipitous switchbacks,

unspeakable fires from flames born long ago the spark they shone?

Red husky template of woman who belongs solely in her own skin,

her skin like sun warmed earth,

her skin the reverie and ecstacy of the manifest made good?.

With her Smoky pearl and fire-scorched song,

Her unbroken hymn and hallowed hero?s tongue,

she asks if you would heed her call and with her dare

the narrow road that is your salvation.

Molten by design, licked by flame and by the first true sign,

she wants nothing more than your promise to follow her down

deep down into her volcanic lava swirls where release is the only way?

Her bosom filled with your bleeding heart no longer lost in uncertainty

but instead beating strong, awakened to your deepest, most arduous, ardorous, red pulsing rhythm song?

Lit up. Shaken down. Kicked back to the time when the fire and the night were as one

She knelt and kissed your brow and there left the scorched mark of your initiation,

the flesh-born talisman of your rebirth into and from her arms?..

In her presence the earth gave way to the stars and lifted and folded and opened unto their blazing medallions of eternal birth and glow, reaching higher and higher that they might touch?Like you, new and trembling?.

Red Dragons of delight danced widely and galloped valiantly like so many awakened dreams into the skies of your newly-won back heart and she, she who stood in pride and in awe, she who knew the backwinds of time like the very curves of her own flesh, she who was merciless in her love,

ceaseless in her song, back-lit and fired up by the light of the suns of all worlds colliding?She, your eternal lover, mother and mind. She, the answer to your every desperate prayer.

She had it all and gave it all and gave it up and gave you back your body and your name that freedom may reign, that none may be tamed or lame or shamed, that life may course on and rise up to meet the heated and wild glories of the dawn, that you may be born again?


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