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Name: WhyteWinde
Location: AZ
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 14 Apr 2012

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I am my own person, searching my own path. I can see coming events (not always knowing that I'm seeing it) sometimes enough to prevent bad things from happening, sometimes looking forward for good things to come. I knew for years that my parents marriage would make it to 50 years (then Dad died), and that Mom would not see her 81st birthday (she died 3 months before). I wish the human race was more mature. I prefer the company of animals than humans at times. My future is to find my higher self, and be able to speak with the spirits around me. They are there, for I can feel them, dream about them, and hear conversations, but not understanding the words. Its like there are many in a crowd, so I can't pinpoint one to hear the words. I do feel the love of them. I am not afraid. In fact they are invited, so long as they are the good spirits. I will not tolerate bad and will clear my space of them using chants and smudging. So far it has worked. I feel my mom nudging at me, and I believe she more understands me now that she has passed. My belief is that unconditional love is the highest form of magick, and is so needed for life.

I have the power to bring calmness to people, even over the phone. I am grateful for this gift, and for other gifts from the universe. But I also feel the pain of the earth; people suffering from earth quakes, tidal waves, hunger, pollution, etc., and wish I could do something about it. But I alone can only ask for ease and comfort for these people. And something funny, but not so funny, I believe that when the earth has had enough, it will shake off the evil; like a dog shaking off the water from it's fur. I wish all people wellness, and help where I can. Blessed Be...

I thought I should add that I am part Native American; Abenaki (Penobscott); so you would understand more of who I am and my beliefs about feeling the pain and pleasures of Earth Mother, and all life living on her.

This pic of me on my horse is one of my favorite times in my life, but was so many years ago. Thought I should explain that, don't know why, to keep honest I suppose. Animals seem to know I am their friend. I've had mountain chipmunks crawl up my back and stay there, cute white mule come to me from for help getting burrs out of his face and body(he stood there for 2 hours unbound), birds warn me of trouble, hawks fly with shadows over me(good luck), feathers in my path are gifts(I was suppose to go that way), and even a deer came right to me unafraid.

I could go on, but won't for now. I will tell you more, just ask. Blessed Be...


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