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Name: Faesoul
Birthday: Oct 28 1996
Location: Auburn WA, U.S.A.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 27 Sep 2017


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Personal Bio
I have a son named Gabriel born July 25th 2015 and I'm expecting another one October 11 2017

Please remember that I have to see a picture of you whether it?s your profile or you let me see you pictures to see you. If I do not see it I feel blind and it helps me remember who you are. If you do not have a picture of you for me to see then I will most likely avoid talking to you.

I have stopped practicing to focus on my family and my coven but I can still help if you need it.


Name: birth name- Cheryl Native American name- Dovesong

Age: 20 but my soul and intellect would say otherwise.

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Relationship Status: In a relationship with my son's father

Height: 5 foot 2 inches

Race: Irish, German, Native American, the rest of the world

Religion: Unknown

Pets: 4 cats

Abilities: weak empath, weak psychic, strong tarot reader

Element: Spirit

Family: ON HERE (not blood related!): brother- donell16 little brother- light117

Outside of here: My birth mom (whom I now live with), dad (I call him this because he is the only man who is worthy of that title), adopted dad (along with his wife), adopted mom (never will I consider her husband part of my family), my birth dad (diceased), my half brother (9 lives with his mother), my full brother (diceased), and my son Gabriel


I am a very complicated being. I am far from perfect. I am avid when it comes to words and gifted with the words which flow from me to the paper. I write poetry and short stories that have been admired by my peers. I have no tolerance for bullying, pompous behavior, homophobia, selfishness, sexual requests, and lies.

I am a very loyal person and I can be aggressive if I feel myself or people I care about are being threatened. I always am doing something which means I may not be on here for days due to my busy schedule. I do not care about looks for I see beauty only in which that comes from the inside. I am a natural flirt but do not mistake that as anything more than that unless given further notice. One day I will write down my life story until then I have given you all that I am willing to give. I have a gift for animals and love them all. I feel connect with wolves the most however.

I've been on this site for 6 years now. Magic has been a part of me ever since I was a little girl. I have more than one spell book, I own books about magic and books about the Celtic. Though I study magic sadly there is very little I have done do to something holding me back. If you guidance I will try to help you as much I can but, like most I myself am still learning. I do need a mentor but I will not ask of you to be it for I feel the mentor that is right for me will seek me out.

Feel free to contact me for I am always in need of a conversation.


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