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Name: emoguy21
Location: Somewhere dark where I can cry in peace
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Jul 2016

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Please read this all the way through, it gets kind of better, I promise


I'm lost. I'm broken. I'm almost dead. And I still find strength to help you?


I hate myself, I think about suicide almost every night, and I have my death 100% planned out. But what is the point? No one cares if I kill myself, and I'm sure I have a reason to be here. Might as well make something of my life, however pointless it may be.


I tried to help. I failed. She died. I tried again. He also died. I tried one last time, because third time is the charm right? I succeeded. She lived. I got depressed in the process. Oh well. I did something good, that is what matters. Whether I succeed or fail, I tried.


I'm hanging by a thread. Next will be a rope. If only someone did for me what I did for her. Oh well. I guess the world really doesn't care

I only choose to keep living for one reason. I would be dead already if that disappeared.


I suppose I should get to the actual bio portion.


Don't try anything with me.

Don't hurt my friends.

Don't hurt my family.

---Family: BloodyCard

Don't be stupid.

Don't mail me with help to my depressive state, I am working through it on my own, and it is very irritating

Is it too much to ask?


I am a supporter of the LGBT group, even if I am not part of it. I also support all others in their life choices relating to that. Those if you that participated in DoS on April 17th, thank you for supporting those who could not go on living because they were bullied for being LGBT.


Life is like a flower. First it blooms suddenly. And moments from being picked, it wilts and dies. Life is short, make what you can of it, or don't. It's your life, not mine.


If you care:

I'm vegetarian. No I don't miss meat. No I don't care what you think. No I don't care what your dietary choice is, it's your life, not mine.

I'm in school.

I like art.

I love cats.

I'm Caucasian.

I love music.

I live in the United States.

I'm good at wearing masks. Don't try to read me, you're wrong.


Sorry if I'm coming off cold, I'm really not.


Thanks for making it through my bio.

I'll try to respond to mail. If I don't, I'm more than likely having internet troubles, or I'm not in the mood to talk.


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