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Name: Ouraion
Location: in the deepest depths of space
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 28 Nov 2015

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Reached message limit ,message me on my other profile ouraion_2

so u wish to rectify the injustic u so readly asume was cast against u ,ur movments are haste, and the loss was ur own,and now ur mind is clouded with scarlet visions of hate ...reticence love ....for this merely a battle in a war of wars name is irrelevant ,i am a death medium and an orical ,my religion is voodo with Egyptian ideals and systems of magic with some wiccan roots ,i have visions and i see the soul tht lies benith a person with a glance at a single photo ,i can screen ur thoughts,and provide any information i need by hearing it thro the archaic files that exsist in the ether,iv utalized my gift of understanding by studying astronomy and astrophysics i have much experience in the Darker arts i can cures hex or jinx a soul and see definite obviouse results within 3 days,i can charm and induces scores of good luck for those im closes to, but this is not my perferd skill,i am an experienced astral projecter and lucid dreamer and would just like to say ,for those of u who think the spirit world is all flowers and beautiful fields full of kind children and troubled souls ...dont kid urself ,u arnt ready to face the reality of death ...and for those of u who think its all pain shadows and demons ,your close but not quite.. i also posses 4 advance phycokenetic manifestations and can see ,influence, trap and banish the dead ,i have knowlage of spirit portals energy vortexes and all the abilitys of the dead and the dead world as well as exactly how they are done and accomplished . ,if ud like to know ur future or even whats in store for u or have me read ur soul feel free to message me .

most of my knowledge of voodoo religion spells and curses are passed to me through family secrets and ancestral spirits ,i veiw my ancesters in an almost divine way in the same respect as angels or demons ,i conciter there knowledge sacred and refuse to post any of there spells charms or hexes on the public page ,becuase they are not for the young of heart and the results are always extremely drastic ,u want wealth... well ud get more money popularity possetions and love then u ever asked for ,but in return EVERYONE u know will lose everything they conciter valuble or preasious ...including lives...but have seen freainds insist and steal this knowledge and fail asked for a better complexion and body and she got it ...but at a cost...the most beautiful girl she knew was in a car accident and now has scars to bear ...a beauty lost ..a beauty gained.. i warned her..but she didnt lisen, i am bond in death to a fate of power ,streaght... but sevitude many african slaves contented to b4 me,my ancestors give me knowledge ,watch over and protect and are even bound to my every wish ,but in turn in death i must join them bond to the servitude and ever present protection of my decedents and the decedents of those i hold close.... never to move on ,beyond the roles of good and evil,its a blessing and curse ,as all voodoo is ,so plz conciter any sorcery i post extreamy potent ..possibly to the point of being dangerous for those closes to u and only use when u have exhausted ALL options ,i will try my best to keep all my information in the hands of the worthy and responsible ,

sometimes i fall into the empty space between my thoughts,and i float in the darkness, it is not depressing nor entraping, i simply perfer the rain,but the presence of somthing darker ,..somone whos deeper ..within themselves and there thoughts i become content,and can sit comfortably in the silence between our worlds,i am not an emo or goth nor do i pretend to be ,but i am an empath and can feel the emotions and longings of another ,i understand things on a far deeper level then most ,i can understand the paradox tht becomes your emotions or thoughts when ur alone and in ur head ....sometimes silence can say more about a soul then words ever could if u have to ask what any of this means u would never understand the answer ...u wana know what i feel ...i feel like iv written this long bio and havent explained a single thing about me....... u cant describe a persons soul or essence in the mortal tounge all tht dose is lessen it ,

and last of all for those of you who claim to be christaian and a witch,,yes the very essence of wicca or pagan is to worship whoever u plz to form and live by ur own beliefs but if u wonder why so many ppl are angry becuase of yours... have u forgotten THE HUNDREDS of years of wicca and pagan executions performed by men and women of the christian faith!!!! they murdered and tortured thousands ! and for what?! becuase the witch believed tht all gods are derived from the same light and it is simply how u interpret tht light tht determands ur religion ,the witches of old had knowledge far beyond any tht u could ever find on the government sanctioned internet and they discovered it all themselves they didnt hate the christans for there faith but becuase of there blanten ignorance and zero totorance of anyone who isnt there perfect identical clone >:( they BURNED PEOPLE ALIVE!!!! i understand tht u being on this site shows tht u ar not like the rest of the christian society and we do openly accept u and ur faith for your religion is ur own but perhaps u should be careful how u go about it on ur page becuase to many of us its like a slap in the face ..a reminder of our many dead brothers and sisters ,mothers and even children of like minded faith killed and murderd by the christian faith just last year in europe a women was burned alive by for being a witch her soul find peace, and ur i dont give a crap what any of u think attitude sends out the wrong message makes u look as if u proudly stand on the corpses of the thousands >:( nof said.

anyways im portaying myself in the wrong light perhaps alittle to strongly ,i dont realy mind who u r or what ur religion is all tht matters to me is who u wish to become for we are not defined by our actions as some might belive but by our limits ,the ones we set for ourselves...i practice the real deal and i am 100% devoted i do not have the time nor patience for young children who want to be some Hollywood twilight version of a werewolf/vampire ,the true secrets of the soul u wont find on a website. my knowledge and secrets are my own i will only release information to the chosen if my ancestors deem necessary. but for the rest of you, i can guide u to the waters edge but it is up to you ,to walk under the lowly depths

my photos are always open to see


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