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Name: Cresentmoon1
Birthday: Mar 20
Location: a place in time
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 14 Nov 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
my pics are all public, and please tell me any and all of your comments about them. don't be shy and don't hold back.

I am cresentmoon1, and I belong.

fav movies: the kill bill series.

Basically I like all music that has a meaning or an emotion that doesn't have to do with partying or getting a sports car or whatever.

my fav bands/singers are, P!nk, lights, evanescence, marianas trench, and of monsters and men.

fav songs, call me when you're sober, try, little talks, savior, drive my soul, everybodys fool, and cactus in the valley.

but my all time favorites are mountain sound and king and lionheart.

I suggest you look them up, you might actually like them.

I like roses, specifically red and white ones.

My favorite game is darksiders. you heard right, I'm a gamer.

I don't like people who think they're the greatest, the smartest, or just have big egos.

I'm not religious or anything like that.

I'm a bit lonely in school and usually just walk around by myself.It isn't so bad, gives you time to think and reflect on life. But most importantly, it gives you a chance to realize things. It gives you a certain sense of what is going to happen. Atleast that is how I see it.

I'm 14 and a few months If you wanted to know.

Hair: blonde with blue streaks (I renew them when they fade)

height: 5 ft something.

sprit animals: fox, hawk and dragon

definite spirit animal: the arctic fox or ice fox as it tries to get me to say.

I like Ice, snow, flowers, sudden breezes, ghosts and spirits, and people like me. most of the time anyway.

my favorite books are nightschool, blue exorcist, shaman king, the hunger games and my all time fav xxxHolic.

My favorite animals are the crow, the panda, the dog, and of coarse the fox.

My favorite colors are blue, black, brown, green, and purple.

single, and unlike the vast majority of girls who look for bad guys or trouble makers, I'm just looking for some one who's smart, not self-concious and shallow, funny, nice, and if possible, a romantic.

and now how I see people.

"all human beings are just like a rose.

we all grow if cared for.

we don't all blossom the same way.

we can become infested with parasites.

and in the end we all beautifully wilt away."

lastly, no I am not a vampire. Iam not a werewolf. I am not a daemon out of the spirit world. I am not a dragon. I am a girl. end of story.


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