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Name: girl08er
Birthday: Sep 10
Location: United States
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 01 Jun 2012


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Hello, I'm katerina and I am originally from st petersburg, russia. I am a wife and mother who has practiced wicca since I was 12. I'm currently pregnant with baby#2. I do spells for love and communication, weight loss, fertility, perfect body, physical changes, money and jobs, luck, relaxation, healing, and binding. My companion dragon is named toby :)

I'm currently studying to get my pharmacy technician license. I'm double majoring in pharmaceuticals and sociology. I will be working on my homeopathy license as well. My dream is to have my own homeopathic pharmacy and clinic. I will be incorporating reiki and chakra into my practice, as well. Both of my parents are doctors so it's always been a interest of mine :)

Since I've been asked this more than once now(and I'm still flattered), yes this is how I really look. There is no glamour involved lol :) Side note: my album is public.

People please, I'm not on here for you to hit on me. I mean for heaven's sake, I have photographic proof of my being married and a mother. I'm obviously off limits so stop acting like I'm not. I will no longer answer messages that have no subject or comment on how "sexy" I am. And I don't want to meet you in real life or talk on the phone. My photos are there to show who you are talking to, and what I have achieved myself through the work I have done. I'm not interested in meeting anyone in person, nor do I want to know what you want to do with me. I will also never tell you about my love life or any other aspect of my life that personal. I am here to discuss on magic, and if I feel comfortable enough after talking to you for a while, then I'll talk to you as an actual friend. And if you obsessively message me when I don't respond, you will be blocked as well.

I do not cast any spells I have not first had work for myself.

Some key principles I would like to point out:

If the person has no love for you or doesn't know you, a love spell will not work.

If you doubt a spell will work, or if you obsess over it working, it won't.

If you don't put forth your own effort to help a spell along (such as exercise and diet for a body spell, or regular skin care for beauty), it will not weigh.

No spell is instant, always expect at least a full moon cycle for manifestation.

Casting at the wrong time well lead to a spell not working.

Love, knowledge, and light to all.


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