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Name: Esoteric74
Location: A place called the Pearl of the Orient Seas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Feb 2012

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Honestly speaking, I do not know what BROUGHT me here..I do not even know what my special gift is...but when people come to me and ask for a palm reading, I gladly oblige and share them what I know. Modesty aside, people come back to me and confirmed that what I told them was true.

I can tell people's true emotion. I can read them...I do not know how I do it, I just feel. My grandfather and grandmother on my mother's side of the family can heal sick people. On the otherhand, my great grandmother on my father's side of the family can do palmistry and can heal sick people too.

I am here for a reason...that's all I know.


by esoteric74

As I journey my path to the road of life

I cannot seemed to see the oxymoron belligerence of my deed

The world is a balance as the east always says...

...Once tilted, chaotic existence emerges.

What is there to see when one is blind?

What is there to do, when the other is cripple?

In a sordid world we live, does serenity still exists?

Is peace an option? Or is it the only thing to take?

Good and evil, ivory and ebony, positive and negative...

Are there more to this? Will our choice define who we really are?

Or we are just mediocre who conform to what we were

made to believe?

As we cradle on the ideas of our forefathers,

as we lull on the songs of our mothers, as we embrace our humanity

we live and exist for a reason. What is your moving purpose in life?

Do you think to live? Or you live to think?

Do you eat to live? Or you live to eat?

Are we privileged to choose a path?

Or are we already born with a destiny?

Are we inclined to decide based on our education and conscience?

Or are we mandated to act based on our faith and values?

Dragon phoenix...the world maybe filled with contradictions

And opposites, but it is within these contradictions that we are born to exist.

We are succumbed to adapt within the conflicting sight of the world

And we are bound to unravel the mystery behind it in order to find harmony and peace.


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