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Name: UsemiDamiq
Location: Miami, Florida
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 06 May 2012

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Hello and welcome, my name here is Usemi Damiq, which means turned into good, i am 16 but i have accumulated so much information and have studied so much that calling me and old man is and understatement, im somewhat of a scrutinizer, well better said im a complete scrutinizer if you dont know what that is dont bother messaging me, i have a very large range of talents, il admit that having so much to think about can make you extremely forgetful but im handling it correctly. its the greatest multi-tool, i remind everyone im leaving alot out but i am putting what i practice daily

the areas i practice:

FOR BEGINNERS the basics will be dotted

.Energy manipulation

Material alchemy (with compounds and chemicals)

Spiritual alchemy (transformation/advancement of the soul)

.Energy spring Qigong--5 mins and youll feel your hands full of natural energy which is very strong

.The four Yin and four Yang vessels-- if you want real progress, its the way to go

Electrically transmitting neural signals to other bodies or as its best known Telekinesis

Electrokinesis--understanding Yin-Yang is key

Pyrokinesis--understanding Yang energy is key

Shamanism (contacting outer beings for help with healing using other specific tools)

Communication with any kind of Life Form, even ants and plants

Charming and programing items for specific uses, protection

Production of D.M.T in the body while Meditating

Advanced Astral Projection

Multiple Dimensionality







Third Eye:over-active(100%)


personal info:

im straight so dont get it twisted, but im not homophobic nor do i hate gay people male of female, its all good with me but i dont swing that way sailor XD its all your choice and you knew what you would be doing when your soul was born here, so dont let all the negative influences tell you that what your doing is wrong because if it was, you wouldnt have the ability to do it , if it brings you joy, its who you are, its funny how they say god will punish you for breaking rules but then say he loves unconditionally, the one true god does have unconditional love which means, no matter what you do, your supported,which sums it up to (everyone goes to heaven) your idea of heaven is what you take with you when you die, its also proof that everything is permitted so do what brings you the most joy and "jump on it" so to speak

Spirit Animals :Jaguar, Owl

favorite sport : basketball

I used to smoke for 5 1/2 years and quit 6 days before newyears,

treat me with respect and youll get the same back

Im completely about what i do, if im speaking seriously, pay attention.

and im stubborn, so keep that in mind

if theres any other questions il be more than glad to answer them, and i always enjoy conversation so please feel free to message me, but to clarify i will not do favors as in doing spells for others, if you really want the spell done, research the basics and do the spell yourself. you can always be helped but you must do your part in order to be helped thank you for coming to my page and good luck with the path you choose


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