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Name: Jakal
Location: Utah
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Apr 2012

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Avete! Or Hello for our English speaking folks. My real name is Andrew but you can call me Jakal (Zha-Kawl), I'm a self-learning, independent sorcerer of the Magick Arts and a clever illusionist in my free time.

My main art of study is the mind; Astral Projection, Hypnosis, Kinesis, etc. Basically all of the things I don't have to lift a finger for. I'm not sure what really got me interested in Magick or the mind, but I know I plan on staying. Although the mind is my main form of study, I will write my own spells form time to time, and maybe even share them here in the forums.

While I enjoy the Magick Arts, I like illusions as well, and if you get the chance to meet me in real life, I may bother you with one of my tricks. Card's being a specialty. However, watch carefully, because some of them may not be tricks.

Although I don't practice any Dark Magick, you may find me constantly involved with others who do. It's a sort of addiction, and it usually always gets me into trouble. Oops.

I speak Latin and when I write notes and spells in my Book of Shadows, they will be in Latin as well. All spells and Rituals I do will be in Latin, but don't worry, everything I post here will be English unless I feel it necessary. I take advantage of interjections and other phrases that I feel flow better in Latin however, so if you see a word or two you don't recognize, just assume it's Latin for: Good Job, Hello, Hi There, etc. You get the point.

I like Magick artifacts, however I don't think I've ever used one in a spell. But if you'd like I may be able to value any ancient item you have in USD. I also may be willing to buy it if you're interested.

Although I don't consider myself a "Mentor" I may offer my help in spells and rituals from time to time, or just my general help in getting someone started. If I notice a forum post or chatter message that catches my eye, I may send you a message. Don't worry, I'm mostly harmless. If you ever need help with any spiritual advice, or for mind and elemental Magick, toss me a message.

I'm a Christian magician not interested in any Coven's at the time. If you ever want to talk about Christianity and it's relation to magic, just ask.


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