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Name: Darkwolf5000
Birthday: Mar 2
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Oct 2012

Membership: Member

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i speak different languages Eu vorbesc limbi diferite i hablan idiomas diferentes i parlent des langues diff?rentes , 1. I like wolves &Cats..& sonic girls 2. I hate it when people call me an idiot 3. i dont know what to believe in 4. steak is my favorite-est food :3 5. I think sonic and anime girls are cute :) 6. I wish i had a pet bunny rabbit :c 7. I had a husky but it died._. 8. I miss my kittys 9. I miss my friends pia and brandon..... 10. Im romainian ^^' 11. Alotta people think I'm either stupid or an idiot.. I'm neither. I actually talk *ALOT* just not a whole lot in school 12. I HATE school I hate school I go to (ais). I feel education-ness is important but so is freedom of expression. Plus adult people always told us growing up that we could be whoever we wanted to be, but that's hard to follow when they limit us & judge us on our opinions Stupid adults 13. I am in deep in love. 14. My friends are epic x3 15. I dont like people who are mean to me. :'( 16. I still miss my doggy :/ 17. I wish i could be hotter :P 18. Im going to be an actor. 19. I hate people who judge others by their race, gender, etc.. Or people who dislike people who are Gay/Bi/Transgendered (etc..) Cause that shit shouldn't really matter 20. I like metal, some screamo, & slipknot 21. I don't really like rap, but Hollywood undead's awesome 22. I tell people about what I go through or what I think.I'm not okay & not happy most of the time and stupid people wont leave me alone 23. I'm strongly against autism. 24. My eyes are grey :) 25. I have no goals .. I'm just a confused little wolf o_o Bucharest, Romania full Name: Ulrich Lordania Drakkar Bates (Jordan T. Bates) Nicknames: Ulrich, Wolfy Age: 361 Personality: nice, very polite, Fights back when he has no choice, short temper Birthday: March 2 1650 Zodiac: Pisces Abilities: ,Metamorphosis Species: Human (was a wolf once but made the human change permanant) Theme: Umbrella by TomandDandy Height: 6?0 Weight: 209 (I?m fat :/ ) Fear: None Weakness: (secret) Team: none Transformations: if angry and stressed out dark Ulrich comes to kill him Fur colors(when he was a wolf):black brown and red highlights Eye color: red (grey when in sadness or soft feelings) hair: brown and red highlights Hobbies: Hanging out, videogames, nice people, Likes: Hanging out, videogames, nice people Dislikes: bullies, mean people, Weapons:2 double barrels, 2 45. Magnums, 2 9mms, chainsaw, holy water, crossarang (Boomerang cross), 2 hatchets, Demona Ucigas Sword, stakes, throwing crosses, death book, bible, Favorite music: spineshank, slipknot, seether, System of a down Favorite food: snake, crocodile, steak, pizza, water, mountain dew Favorite candy: never eaten candy :( Team: loner Friends: Luna the Demonfox, Religious Views: Catholic Christian Job: S.T.A.R.S. Operative Dont Touch me!!!! im very dangerous. i can hurt someone easily. i have a rifle a sword alot of knives


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